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Child carries burning stove to save family from fire

Child carries burning stove to save family from fire

Suffered burns all over, but saved sisters and housemaid

A 10-year-old Saudi boy endured the pain of carrying a burning stove to save his family from a possible house fire, after the stove caught fire when they tried to put it on.

The boy has just filled the stove with kerosene and lit it when it caught fire and threatened their house where he, his sisters and the maid were trying to warm themselves during a cold wave in the Gulf Kingdom.

“Realising the danger, the boy lifted the burning stove and dumped it in the toilet, where he and the maid poured water until the fire was extinguished,” ‘Sabq’ Arabic language daily said in a report from the southwestern town of Qurayyat.
“The boy suffered from burns all over his body and was rushed to hospital.
“He was later visited by the director of the civil defence and many residents to applaud his bravery which saved the house, his sisters and the maid.”

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