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Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

In case you missed : Protein Pancakes A really simple and delicious way to satisfy a sweet tooth, and hit your macros nicely - whether you are into low carbs or moderate carbs. This is now my Sunday breakfast tradition! High in protein and low in fat!

Per person (2 pancakes)

- 1 scoop Sci-MX Whey

- 3 x whole eggs

- 50g Organic Oats

- 150ml Coconut Milk

- Teaspoon Orange Essence

(Flavours can vary depending on what your presence is!)

Blend in a blender and cook with 5g coconut oil, and serve with Walden Farms syrup or Greek Yoghurt and a sprinkle of blueberries.
If you don't want the carbs then use some coconut flour instead to add consistency to the pancake


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