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First wife's gift

First wife's gifts to husband on second marriage spark social media reaction

Gave him Dh10,000, iPhone 6

From 24/7 Staff

Marriage took place in Saudi Arabia. (AP)

A Saudi husband got a shock when he saw his first wife storming his wedding party and rushing straight towards him.

Instead of lunging at him, she unwrapped a surprise gift for him containing SR10,000 (Dh10,000), an iPhone 6 and a perfume .

Hamdan Al Shamrani, from the southern town of Baha, said it was a big surprise for him when he saw his wife coming to his wedding with their children and giving him the gift on his marriage to a new wife.

“My first wife has set an example in love, family cohesion and loyalty. I am proud of her,” he said, quoted by 'Al Madina' newspaper.

However, the incident has sparked some social media outrage.

One wife said if her husband married a second wife she would send TNT explosives to the wedding hall.

While another woman said that it is obvious that he is a terrible husband and his wife was happy that he will have a new wife who will have to deal with him; she is relieved and happy


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