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6 things men look for in a Wife Material

‘Wife Material’

1. Maturity
Men really pray for a lady who is grown up in terms of behavior and thinking.
As a mature lady, you should be able to handle issues with a lot of wisdom. Your behavior should entirely reflect love. For instance, if you find out your man is a bed wetter and you preach it to your friends,  that becomes so childish of you. Talking back to your man in other people’s presence is also a sign of immaturity.
2. A good communicator
Women are known to be easily driven by emotions. But as a lady, you may have to replace this by communicating to make things work in your relationship. Simply talk out what bothers you, how you want things done and yes! Confront him where necessary.
As you do all these, remember the qualities of a good communicator; pass the message politely, listen patiently to him when he talks and then give feedback
3. Decency
Before a man decides that he wants to settle down, he may not really care about your decency. He would date any girl with any sense of fashion- As long as it is trending…The likes of short pants,’tumbo cats’, miniskirts, eye and tongue piercing…name them!
Wait until the very guy gets serious. I assure you, no man would want to spend the rest of his life with such kind of ‘fashion’. He will never take such a lady to his parents and introduce her as the future mother of his kids. It is simple, dress decent. Cover what needs to be covered-That’s all a man wants for a wife
4. Good cook
If you are dating, you may relate to this.  When you go over to his house, he ‘tricks’ you into preparing him a meal. Sometimes, he may even ask if he should cook or purchase a meal. Men do not like women who love buying ready foods all the time.
Most men have admitted that a wife material should have the basic culinary skills and it gets better if she perfects on them and often comes up with new ideas
5. Cleanliness
The song of cleanliness is tune that’s not going to fade away anytime soon. If anything, it is going to its advanced stage since we-women are emblems of a home. Talk of the kids, the compound-which is the face of your home, the kitchen-otherwise called the health room, your man’s image (neatness) and your own hygiene.
Men want a lady who is responsible in ensuring proper hygiene. Everything around him smelling as fresh as daisy. Your man likes to have confidence when he invites his friends over to his house for dinner or a football match.
6. Submission
In this case, I mean obedience. What man on earth wants a lady who is so disrespectful? A lady who lowers his man’s ego? Men simply love ladies who talk to them respectfully; are faithful and are less nagging. Submission and communication go hand in hand. If a woman is submissive, a man becomes more loving.
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