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Multi-vehicle crash near Fujairah Airport

Emirati woman dies in multi-vehicle crash
Incident occurred near Fujairah Airport

From 24/7Staff

Six cars were involved in the horrific pile-up. (File)

In a horrific accident near Fujairah airport road a young Emirati woman lost her life, according to Al Khaleej newspaper.

The newspaper also mentioned that five people were injured in the accident, which led to a pile-up of six cars.

The accident took place around 6pm on Wednesday and the Fujairah police was informed about the multi-vehicle pile-up next to Fujairah International Airport, on the road leading to Kalba’a.

Police patrol and rescue teams rushed to the place of the accident.

Meanwhile, eye witnesses said that the accident happened when two vehicles collided, the Emirati woman was inside one of the vehicles. She died on the spot. Her brother and another relative was inside the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Some of the cars crashed into the two already involved in the accident and flipped over. A couple of vehicles even hit the iron fencing of the airport.

The young woman's body was taken to the hospital. Police has started the investigation.

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