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Sandstorm Hits UAE

Sandstorm hits UAE: Poor visibility; temperatures to drop significantly
Motorists advised to drive carefully as visibility is expected to be less than 500m in some parts of the country

From 24/7 Staff


UAE residents wake up to a dusty and hazy morning.

NCMS has warned against poor visibility due to strong winds that would blow sand in the air.

Image  from Nemibeckz

Visibility will be down to less than 500 metres at times due to suspension of dust and there will be significant drop in temperature.

Image courtesy Nemibeckz

Meanwhile, NCMEA UAE has tweeted: "Reduce the frequency of going out from the house and being subject to outdoor environment as much as possible."

The weather bureau has also warned seafarers and beach goers to stay away from water as they can expect the sea conditions to be very rough.


Overall, the weather will be hazy and partly cloudy, becoming cloudy at times over some areas especially over coastal, northern and island areas.

Image courtesy by Nemibeckz
Moderate to fresh northwesterly winds will blow dust in the air and thus reduce the horizontal visibility, especially over the exposed areas, with significant drop in temperatures over most areas.

The relative humidity will increase by night and early morning over some internal and coastal areas. Sea will be rough to very rough in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to rough in Oman sea.

According to media reports, schools have been ordered closed in Qatar and Riyadh.

Sheikh Aqeel

Saifoor Afridi

Image by S. Afridi

Image by S. Afridi

Image by S. Afridi

Image by S. Afridi

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