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Witness the Stigmata.

New Born Baby in Phillipines has identical wounds of Jesus Christ

On March 15, 2015 a miraculous baby that resembles the physical injuries that was suffered by Jesus Christ during the process of his crucifixion was born. With a weight of 3.2 kilograms the baby boy is suffering from stigmata.


The baby named Jejomar Castillo was born at Quezon City General Hospital. Since the news was spread out, the baby has attracted a lot of faithful devotees wanting to witness the stigmata.

His face, hands and feet are covered with strange wounds. The shocking incident is similar to the wounds that was suffered by Christ. The injuries on the head of Baby Jejomar was identical to the wounds that was seen on Jesus Christ when he wore the crown made from thorns.

But according to the microbiological expert, Ph. D. Merlyn Cruz, the baby is suffering from Purpura, a strange and very rare abnormality in the skin making in appear reddish or color purple at times.

A crowd of more than 15, 000 people gathered outside the hospital saying that the baby was blessed and sent from above. They have their slogans with the words, “Welcome to the Saviour” and “Thank you God for sending Jejomar.”

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