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70 Year-Old Beggar Kamel Owns 2 Buildings

70-year-old beggar Kamel with millions in savings and properties

70-year-old owns two buildings

From 24/7

He has bank balances and owns properties [Picture Courtesy: Al Bayan]

Some people in Egypt have taken to begging as a profession and has hefty bank balances and properties in prime locations, reported ‘Al Fagr’ newspaper.

One such person is 70-year-old Kamel. He has thousands of pounds in savings and owns two properties. All of which he made by begging in Bani Suef governorate in tattered clothes.

He is a well-known face in the area, familiar to most shop owners and residents.

In fact, his real life story became public when he was identified by a resident of the governorate who saw him at a bank. And the employee at the bank told to the resident that he was one of their important clients.

The banker disclosed that the beggar deposited the amount he collected in alms every day and added that he has [Egyptian] pounds 3,450,000 in savings and owns two buildings in Faisal Avenue of Giza governorate.

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