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Hollywood Gossip: Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk heating it up

Hollywood Gossip: Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk heating it up

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Bradley Cooper 'smitten' with Irina

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Bradley Cooper is "smitten" with Irina Shayk and is getting serious with the stunning model.

The 'Silver Linings Playbook' actor has been spotted several times with the model in recent weeks and though they haven't officially confirmed they are a couple in public, in private they're getting serious.


A source told the new issue of Grazia magazine: "Bradley's smitten and has been for a few weeks.

"He adores Irina and was raving about her to friends Sienna Miller and Madonna at the Met Gala.

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"They were careful not to go on the red carpet together but, while they arrived and left separately, they were officially one another's date."

The couple were introduced by mutual friend Leonardo DiCaprio shortly after Bradley split from British model Suki Waterhouse.


The source said: "Bradley was very taken with Irina when he first saw her at the Oscars in February. He and Suki were on the rocks and, once they'd split, Leonardo introduced him to Irina."

News of Bradley's relationship came as a shock to Suki, who had enjoyed a brief reunion with the 'American Sniper' star after they split in March due to their age gap and the pressures of work.

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The source said: "Suki was disappointed by how quickly their reunion fizzled out but it was inevitable, because the same problems were still there.

"She was, however, a little surprised at how quickly Bradley has moved on with Irina."

Jessica Alba hates working out


Jessica Alba hates working out as there are so many other ways she would rather spend her time.

The 34-year-old actress admits she has lost interest in staying in shape since having her daughters Honor, six, and three-year-old Haven - her kids with husband Cash Warren - and thinks there are better ways to spend her time than in the gym.

She said: "I don't really work out a lot. It's not a priority - it should be, but it's not. I worked out a lot after having my daughters and I've kind of stopped enjoying it.

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"At the end of the day, I'd rather just return e-mails, talk to my girlfriends on the phone, watch bad TV or have a glass of wine.

"Hitting the treadmill just doesn't seem like that much fun any more. I want to wake up and be with my kids and spend time with them. Nothing else."

The 'Barely Lethal' actress has no plans to have cosmetic surgery, but can understand why some women feel the need to go under the knife, and, as she wants to stay "sexy" when she's older, she may change her mind one day.

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Asked if she would have surgery, she told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "No, but that's not because I'm completely against it.

"Some women get stretch marks and saggy after having babies and sometimes you can't repair that with anything but a tummy tuck. It's just genetics whether you get bad stretch marks or not.

"I want to be able to wear a bikini when I'm 40 and still be sexy for my man, so who knows?"

Haylie Duff gives birth

Haylie Duff has given birth to a baby girl who she and fiance Matt Rosenberg have named Ryan.

The 30-year-old star and fiancé Matt Rosenberg welcomed their first child into the world on Monday and they have named the little girl Ryan, E! News reports.

The happy news comes just days after the 'Real Girl's Kitchen' host admitted she felt both "excited and terrified" at the thought of giving birth.

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She said: "I'm expecting the baby any day now. I'm excited and terrified at the same time, but we have our hospital bag packed, and it's all ready for her.

"My fiancé and I just visited my girlfriend who recently had her own baby, so we got to hold a newborn and were looking at it like, 'OK, we're about to do this.' It really calmed us down but also made us really excited."

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The mother-to-be is also gearing up for the launch of the second season of her US cooking series, 'The Real Girl's Kitchen,' and says some of her famous friends will make cameos.

She said: "A bunch of my girlfriends who are actresses will be on the show such as Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Lauren Conrad has an amazing company called the Little Marker, and we do some awesome Moroccan food for a photo-shoot on her site."

Justin Bieber's 'soulmate' Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber thinks Selena Gomez is his "soulmate" and "hates" being apart from the actress since the pair split late last year.

The 21-year-old singer - who was in an on/off relationship with the actress from December 2010 until last year - reportedly thinks the pair are perfect for one another and "hates" being apart from her.

An insider said: "For him, they weren't just in love, they were soulmates, and he hates when he can't have her in his life."

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The 'Boyfriend' hitmaker has been spotted spending time with model Hailey Baldwin and reality TV star Kendall Jenner in recent months, sparking rumours of flings with both girls.

However, the source insists Selena is still the apple of Justin's eye.

They told "Despite things with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, Justin has always held a torch for Selena."

Meanwhile, friends of the 'Come & Get It' hitmaker are said to be becoming increasingly worried that the 22-year-old star will fall back into "old bad habits" with her former beau since her close pal Taylor Swift has found love with DJ Calvin Harris.

It has been claimed Selena has been feeling left out since Taylor, 25, got together with the 'Summer' hitmaker and is considering reuniting with Justin.

A source said: "Taylor is totally consumed with Calvin right now and barely has time for Selena. Taylor was always on Selena about staying busy and staying away from Justin.

"Selena's friends still wonder why she's so caught up in what Justin is doing. They worry that she's falling back into her old bad habit of obsessing over what Justin is doing and saying. It's like she's still invested in the relationship even though it ended months ago."

American Idol to end

Producers Fox have announced the next series of 'American Idol' will be the last.

Producers Fox have confirmed judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. will take their seats at the panel for the final time in January, with the series set to be a "celebration" of the previous 14.

It hasn't yet been confirmed how long the series - which will again be hosted by Ryan Seacrest - will run, but it is believed to be shorter than in previous years.

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Jennifer - who joined the show for two seasons in 2011 before returning last year - recently spoke of how much she enjoys looking for a "new superstar" on the show.

She said: "I love it, it's a great musical journey,. We get to talk about music and we get to hopefully find a new superstar, and that's always exciting."

The show debuted in June 2002 with Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul on the judging panel, with Kelly Clarkson crowned the first-ever winner.

Past judges have also included Nicki Minaj, Ellen DeGeneres, Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler, while other contestants who have gone on to enjoy career success include Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert.

Sylvester Stallone to exhibit paintings

Sylvester Stallone will exhibit his art work in Nice, France, from this weekend.

The 68-year-old actor will showcase some of the artwork he has created over the last 50 years at Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporaine in Nice, and will personally be at the event's opening on Saturday (16.05.15).

Following the opening, VIPs will gather at the Place Massena with the mayor of the city for a celebratory dinner

Many of the 'Expendables' star's paintings are inspired by his movie roles, or feature references to the likes of Michael Jackson, James Dean and his ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen.

Speaking about his 2010 portrait of the late 'Thriller' singer, Stallone has previously said: "I always felt that Michael Jackson was one of the great dichotomies.

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"An illusionist even more than a singer . . . he created a character that wasn't even him anymore . . . There was an evil side . . . a theatrical evil."

Though his work is going on display, the 'Rocky' star - who previously admitted it can take up to 15 years to finish one piece of art - won't be showing everything he has created.

He previously said: "The ones that I realise are just hopeless, I give to my brother."

The former art student has previously showcased his work in Russia, Switzerland and Miami and thinks he is a better painter than actor.

He has said: "I think I'm a much better painter than an actor,.

"It's much more personal and I'm allowed to just do what I want to do. Quite often in acting you have to play a certain part, you cannot speak as much as you want to speak. I suppose the heroes don't talk much, you have to be very stoic.

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