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These Baby Pictures Will Leave You Laughing All Day

These Baby Pictures Will Leave You Laughing All Day

You know that face your best friend makes when your crush is standing behind you? That is exactly what this baby looks like. When he grows up, he should become a comedian because this facial expression is just priceless!

Don’t answer that question thinking baby oil is actually made from babies haha! But really it does look like that baby was wondering if his oils were made from another baby

“I just want to relax and enjoy the weekend mom.”

“Can you not judge me?”

“It has been a very long week, time for some hot bath”

All this baby wants to know is where those mouths have been. Or maybe he just hates kisses

LOL This picture has two meaning. First just like the meme says above, he needed some privacy, and then the dog probably just wanted to know what the baby does when he’s taking a bath because he (the dog) hates taking a bath.

Notice how in the first picture the father is smiling and the baby isn’t, but in the second picture things turned around. The baby is now smiling and the father isn’t. Gross!

This is a “get me off this thing” face! He’s definitely terrified about carts.

This is probably the most hilarious out of the list.. well not the most hilarious since #1 was really funny too

I’d like to his his expression when he sees a real train

What is the age for drinking again? I think this baby just broke a law

“Please take this thing you call a phone off my face”haha classic

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