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Hotel California Played On One Guitar ( Video)

This Beautiful Lady Plays All Parts Of ‘Hotel California’ Played On One Guitar


Having a guitar skill is really a gift. Though it can be learned still being a pro in this field is like having a diamond in your pocket. Just like this girl in the video below that you are about to watch. Meet Gabriella Quevedo, she has one of those rare talents that makes her extreme skill look so effortless.
In the video below she plays he Eagles ‘Hotel California,’ which, I’m very sure goes without saying, is no easy feat. It’s always a huge task to do justice to a widely loved and recognized piece of music, and ‘Hotel California’ is certainly one of those songs, but Gabriella’s got more than enough technical skill and natural rhythm to give this classic an impressive play.

As her fingers delicately flit across the guitar strings, you’ll notice that she’s not just playing the vocal melody and guitar lines, but she’s touching upon the bass line, the percussive rhythms, and the backup melodies as well. Impressive right? Share us your thoughts about this video though your comments below.

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