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Credit card gang withdrew Dh500k

East European gang had more than 100 stolen cards

Dubai Police has arrested a gang of four East European nationals involved in stealing money by using stolen credit cards, according to a report in an Arabic daily newspaper.

The suspects had more than 100 stolen credit cards in their possession and had withdrawn more than half-a-million dirhams from various bank accounts, said Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation.

Maj. Gen. Al Mansouri said Dubai Police is holding periodic meetings with banks operating in Dubai to brief them on the latest methods in combating economic crimes.

He also stressed the need to train security officers assigned to protect ATM machines and how to deal with those who use stolen credit cards.

Al Mansouri added the gangs use small cameras to copy card numbers or fix scanning devices connected to the Internet to find out the secret numbers of the cards and then duplicate cards with the same secret numbers to withdraw money.

He added that the public should also be careful when using their ATM cards and check whether the area is being watched upon by suspicious-looking people.

He added that if anyone has such doubts, he/she should immediately report it to Dubai Police on phone number 800 243 or on regular police numbers. 

He added such criminals often try to hide their facial features by wearing hats. They sometimes fixed a card scanner to an ATM machine and leave it there for several hours.

But they will be monitoring the place and will come back to collect the information on ATM cards which they are looking for.

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