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Best of Web: August 2015

Best of Web:

Woman held for sister’s porn profile


A 26-year-old woman was arrested in Mylapore a town in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, for allegedly creating a pornographic profile of her elder sister and posting it on a social networking website to take revenge.

According to the Times of India, the incident occurred in 2009.

In 2010, the complainant Girija (name changed) had approached the court which directed the CB-CID to investigate the case. A special team took up the case before narrowing down on Jansi Rani of Mylapore.

"While verifying the IP address from where the pornographic profile was posted, we found it was from Mylapore and belonged to Rani's husband Swamidoss, who works in a private company in the city. Special teams picked up Rani from her house on Friday morning," cyber crime wing inspector S Manickavel told TOI.

During the questioning, Rani confessed to having committed the crime, the police said. She was later remanded in judicial custody after being produced before a magistrate's court in Saidapet.

The police said Rani and her 39-year-old sister, a resident of Anjugramam in Kanyakumari district who runs a shop there, had been involved in a land dispute for long. The two lodged complaints at the Anjugramam police station and separate cases were registered. However, Rani did not get support from her father and other family members in the case and was even allegedly abused by Girija. She decided to tarnish her sister's image, the police said. She created a pornography profile of Girija and uploaded it on the social networking site Orkut in 2009, mentioning the name of her sister's shop and her name. Soon many persons began calling the shop and she came to know that her fake profile had been posted on the social networking site.

Astronauts find paracetamol doesn't work in space

US: Astronauts on space missions may not be able to take paracetamol to treat a headache or antibiotic drugs to fight infection, a study has found.

Scientists have shown that medicines lose their potency more rapidly in outer space.
The peculiar conditions away from the earth - including weaker gravity and higher radiation - could be to blame, according to the research by NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

On earth, medication is typically designed to be stored for a couple years from the manufacture date.

But they always need to be kept in precise conditions to retain their effectiveness, such as away from direct sunlight or in a cool, dry space.

The authors of the study said longer space missions have increased the need for astronauts to take medicines.

World's tallest teen at 6ft 10in

THAILAND: Malee Duangdee is the world’s tallest teenager. Malee is 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighs in at 287lbs, and she could still be growing.

This gigantic teenage girl from Thailand is exceedingly more than a head taller than her parents. At the age of 9 Malee’s mother was concerned about her, because she was so much taller than her peers.

She took Malee to the doctor to make sure she was healthy. The doctors found a brain tumor pressing on a nerve. This was causing a hormone imbalance that keeps her growing. Now Malee has to have a very expensive injection every three months to control her growth. Doctors aren’t sure how much more she’ll grow.

Malee is now 19 years old. She has had a sad and lonely childhood because of her tremendous height. It has caused her to be bullied and laughed at for most of her life.

A real-life Scissorhands!

US: A mountaineer, Stephen Ball from Cumbria, fell 2,000 feet down one of the America's tallest mountains, Mount McKinley, after finding himself trapped in a terrifying snow storm. He lost part of his left hand, his right fingers and thumb, part of his nose and his right foot to severe frost bite.

But Stephen is climbing again thanks to revolutionary new prosthetic hands complete with built-in ice-axes, reports Daily Mail.

His left leg also had to be amputated after it was shattered in 12 places.

After the horrific fall in 1999 the father-of-four thought his climbing days were over until he approached leading prosthetic technician, Phil Myers.

The award-winning technician, who works at the Disablement Services Centre at the Cumberland Infirmary, UK, spent weeks scouring hardware shops in a bid to find the perfect tools for the job.

The pair eventually came up with the ground-breaking "axe hands" which have been specially designed for ice climbing.

Pair of twins in the same family share same birthday

BRITAIN: Against odds of 17 million to one, Tracey and Davood Bageban'd identical twin daughters, Dolcie and Elisia, share their birthday with the couple’s sons, Diego and Armani, who are also identical twins.

The couple conceived both sets of twins naturally. Following the girls’ birth on February 27, three years to the day after the boys, Guinness World Records has confirmed that they are the only family in Britain to have two sets of identical twins born on the same day, reports Daily Mail.

Calculation of the mind-boggling odds was based on the starting point that one in every 64 UK births produces twins.

This figure is high because IVF is now more common and often produces multiple births. But only 30 per cent of twins are identical and the probability of two sets being born to one set of parents on the same date sends the odds soaring to 17million to one.

That makes it so rare that it would have been more likely for the Bagebans to have won the National Lottery – at 14 million to one.

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