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The Latest Fashion Trend Out Of Asia

 The Strangest Yet… Naked, Plastic-Bag Selfies

From Viral Tread

Trends… they just get stranger.

According to Insight, a bizarre new trend is taking over parts of Asia… a trend of wearing plastic bags from convenience stores and taking a selfie.

It’s proving especially popular among teenage girls in Taiwan and China. And in some bizarre show-offy kind of way, it’s emerged that one of the requirements is to have the brand of the plastic bag visible in the photos. Who knew Tesco was so desirable!

That’s right – people are going to the shops, buying groceries, returning home, packing said groceries away, getting naked, then wearing the shopping bags. Except some people skip the ‘returning home’ part.

Many of the images have been taken down from various social media platforms, I wonder why…

Although the trend is particularly popular amongst teenage girls, men have given it a go, too.

I think we can swiftly add this to the list of modern trends that need to disappear immediately. C’mon folks, bag it up.

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