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20 Sports Figures Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters

20 Sports Figures Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters

 By NoelGRSr

We’ve known for a long time that the world of sport has the potential to bring families together around the TV set while they jeer the villains they love to hate and cheer the heroes they love to love. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, then, that so many sports stars past and present look uncannily like famous cartoon characters. Just check this lot out.

Image: Christian Petersen/Getty Images / via YouTube/HeadNtheClouds

20. Nick Foles and Shaggy

NFL star Nick Foles is famous for playing quarterback for the St. Louis Rams. With his floppy hair and scratchy chin fluff, he wouldn’t look out of place running from a badly masked ghost asScooby-Doo’s Shaggy. Zoinks!

Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images / via YouTube/Mad Mark

19. Rollie Fingers and Dick Dastardly

Retired Oakland Athletics baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers has an amazing cartoon-villain moustache. When combined with his toothy grin it’s almost as if Wacky Races’ Dick Dastardly has climbed off his Mean Machine and into real life.

Image: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images / via DC Animated Universe Wiki

18. Ronda Rousey and Black Canary

UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is one of the top female mixed martial artists in the world. Combining power with glamor, she’s a dead ringer for DC Comics’ Black Canary – albeit without the supersonic scream.

Image: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images / via Know Your Meme

17. Wayne Rooney

It’s long been noted that loveable DreamWorks ogre Shrek bears more than a passing resemblance to English soccer player Wayne Rooney. In fact, in 2007 Rooney was voted the most unattractive male star in sports, and he was dubbed, yes, Shrek by the British press. The poor guy.

Image: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images / via Fanpop

16. Shawn Johnson and Gadget Hackwrench

Gymnast Shawn Johnson is a retired Olympic gold medalist whose button nose and cheery smile might seem familiar. Despite not technically being an anthropomorphic mouse, doesn’t she look just like lovable Gadget Hackwrench from Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers?

Image: Graham Denholm/Getty Images for International Champions Cup / via ZA Wallpapers

15. Gareth Bale and Jimmy Neutron

It may be the wide grin, or perhaps the vertical hairstyle, but there’s definitely a resemblance here. One of these is Welsh soccer ace Gareth Bale, the other is Nickelodeon boy genius Jimmy Neutron. But which is which?

Image: Pixshark / via Sylwia S/Pinterest

14. David Beckham and Johnny Bravo

Former England soccer player David Beckham was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2015. Such an award would no doubt be coveted by animated lookalike Johnny Bravo, despite his success with the ladies being nothing to write home about.

Image: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images / via

13. Jason Terry and Cecil Turtle

The bald head, the heavy-lidded eyes, the quietly confident expression – there’s no denying these two look similar. The NBA’s Jason Terry, of the Houston Rockets, has a reptilian ringer in the form of Looney Tunes’ Cecil Turtle.

Image: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images / via The Disney Wiki

12. Brian Urlacher and Mr. Incredible

Surely The Incredibles’ Mr. Incredible was based on former Chicago Bears NFL star Brian Urlacher? Just look at the similarities: their build’s the same, as is the color of their jerseys. And then there’s the black paint around their eyes.

Image: Elsa/Getty Images / via Flicks And The City

11. Megan Rapinoe and Peter Pan

Celebrated U.S. soccer player Megan Rapinoe has all the hallmarks of Disney’s Peter Pan. She’s youthful looking, her haircut is almost identical and her infectious smile clearly belongs to someone who isn’t getting old in a hurry.

Image: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images / via CappaToons!

10. Claude Julien and Elmer Fudd

Their professions couldn’t be more different, but these two look an awful lot alike. Former NHL player Claude Julien shares the somewhat gravity-succumbing face of Looney Tunes’ Elmer Fudd, though he’s too busy coaching the Boston Bruins to hunt wabbits.

Image: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images / via Land Before Time Wiki

9. Chris Bosh and Littlefoot

It’s weird how a man can look so much like a cartoon dinosaur. With his elongated neck, cropped hair and big presence, Miami Heat star Chris Bosh could easily be mistaken for Littlefoot from the Land Before Time.

Image: Clive Rose/Getty Images / via

8. Harry Redknapp and Droopy Dog

With his slightly forlorn expression, jowly face and prominent upper eyelids, former English soccer star Harry Redknapp has a double in the form of MGM’s Droopy. Recently having left his post as a manager, Redknapp nevertheless no doubt enjoyed barking orders from the touchline before he did.

Image: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images / via QuotesGram

7. Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Doug

Retired NBA Cavaliers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas is a dead ringer for a grown-up Doug Funnie from the eponymous Doug. Each has a lack of hair up top, a prominent nose and, in these images at least, a slightly pursed mouth.

Image: Alex Goodlett/Getty Images / via Fanpop

6. Nerlens Noel and Gerald

One plays NBA basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers, the other is a street-culture-savvy – and big-haired – character from Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold! Can you spot the difference between Nerlens Noel and Gerald?

Image: Getty Images / via The mystery case files Wiki

5. Jon Runyan and Mikey

Former Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Jon Runyan – who’s today a Republican member of the House of Representatives – looks pretty familiar. Which is probably because he resembles sensitive soul Mikey Blumberg from Recess.

Image: Joe Kohen/Getty Images for Audi of America / via fanpop

4. Tom Brady and He-Man

Tom Brady of course plays quarterback for the New England Patriots in the NFL, but maybe he has a secret alter ego. If he called on the power of Grayskull, he’d make an excellent He-Man from Masters of the Universe.

Image: Andrew Redington/Getty Images / via YouTube/barney rubble

3. John Daly and Barney Rubble

What do PGA Tour veteran John Daly and Barney Rubble from The Flintstones have in common? Well, they both love playing golf. Oh, and they have the same face and hair, too.

Image: via / Roger The Alien/Tumblr

2. Sam Cassell and Roger

They may look similar, but Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Sam Cassell and Roger fromAmerican Dad! are pretty different when it comes to interests. The latter, after all, isn’t exactly known for his athleticism.

Image: Paul Gilham/Getty Images / via YouTube/curiosidadesplay

1. David Luiz and Sideshow Bob

With his curly long locks and ever-so-slightly-menacing gaze, Brazilian soccer star David Luiz is the spitting image of The Simpsons’ Sideshow Bob. Fortunately, he’s a little less keen on wreaking havoc, at least off the field.

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