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Dhs200,000 Blood Money

UAE worker’s family granted Dhs200,000 in blood money


The construction worker died after falling 14 floors

The family of a construction worker who died after falling 14 floors has been awarded Dhs200,000 in blood money.

The Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi upheld earlier rulings by lower courts that ordered the manager and foreman of the construction firm to pay up.

They were previously found guilty of negligence and violating safety rules leading to the death of the Asian worker in 2014.

Court documents stated that the man had been on the on the 19th floor of the under-construction building in Sharjah when the scaffolding he was standing on collapsed.

He landed on the 5th floor and died instantly. An investigation showed he had not been wearing a safety belt.

Prosecutors had charged the firm, its manager and supervisor with negligence by failing to provide safety requirements to workers at the construction site.

The manager and foreman had challenged their convictions in the UAE’s top court but it denied their appeal.

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