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Top 20 Vacation Complaints Ever Made

20 of the Most Outrageous Vacation Complaints Ever Made


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Think reviews sites gave rise to the type of tourist who complains about there being “too many foreigners?” Think again, for vacationers like this, who grumble about everything from the local food to the strange scenery, have been around since vacationing became a thing. These 20 complaints, though, are especially absurd.Image: Constantine Kulikovsky

20. There aren’t any celebrities, get me out of here

In 2012 a female cruise passenger demanded a refund because she didn’t spot any famous people onboard the “Celebrity Cruises” ship she was vacationing on. The name, however, actually refers to nothing more than the cruise operator’s brand name.
Image: Dori

19. Some like it hot

Alaska isn’t exactly a warm-weather destination, even in the summer. This didn’t please one cruise passenger travelling around The Last Frontier’s coast, who complained that he “didn’t get an impressive tan.” According to his flawed wisdom, “all cruises are meant to be hot.”Image: Steve Johnson/Flickr

18. Curry worries

One British tourist traveled to Goa only to be “disgusted” that “almost every restaurant served curry.” Perhaps the vacationer, who was responding to a 2011 poll by Thomas Cook and ABTA, didn’t realize that his chosen destination is in India.Image: Diana Robinson/Flickr

17. Pachyderm penis envy

Spare a thought for a honeymooner at an African safari lodge who, on seeing a randy elephant, apparently felt “inadequate” for the rest of his trip. This gem’s also from Thomas Cook and ABTA’s 2011 survey.Image: Adrian Pingstone

16. Flight of fancy

Another submission to the same poll came from a British vacationer who had been incensed by the long return flight from Jamaica. “It took us nine hours to fly home,” they wrote. “It only took the Americans three hours.”Image: Pähkinänakkeli

15. Charged with stupidity

“I realize that there is no electricity in the Wilderness Cabins,” wrote one traveler, according toThe Telegraph, “but there should have been somewhere to recharge my phone.” Like, um, an electrical socket?

Image: Kamimoku International Village

14. A rapid reproach

Another complaint published by The Telegraph revealed that one adventurer found it “appalling” that he couldn’t “go white water rafting in a stretch of river with no rocks.” Oh dear.

Image: Piotr Drabik/Flickr

13. Accent dissent

The Telegraph also revealed a gripe from a vacationer in Slovenia who didn’t exactly take to the local lingo. “You said that your local Slovenian reps spoke English,” they wrote, “but you failed to mention the Slovenian accents.”Image: TravelingOtter/Flickr

12. Where’s the elevator?

A vacationer visiting Ephesus’ amphitheater in Turkey suggested that, if the first-century structure “had been built in America, they would have put an elevator in.” Another classic fromThe Telegraph’s archives.Image: Si Griffiths

11. A face only a mother could love

One British vacationer, according to research from Just the Flight and, once wrote that their tour guide “was too ugly.” “You can’t be expected to admire a beautiful view when you’re staring at a face like his.” Ouch.
Image: Pixabay

10. Some things just shouldn’t be laughed at

The same research found that one man complained that his performance in the bedroom suffered after a member of hotel staff walked in and “giggled at his size.” One can hardly blame him.
Image: Pixabay

9. Turn that frown upside down

Another complainer discovered by Just the Flight and said that unhappy zoo animals had made their children cry. “Can’t they train them to smile?” they asked. Maybe this family should book a safari vacation next year.
Image: Henri Bergius

8. Do you speak English?

“The street signs weren’t in English,” wrote one incensed overseas traveler, according to Just the Flight and “I don’t understand how anyone can get around.” By speaking the local language, maybe?Image: Matt Cowan/Getty Images for Coachella

7. Up, up and away

“There was no sign telling you that you shouldn’t get on the hot air balloon ride if you’re afraid of heights,” said one vacationer to their travel agent. Another corker discovered by Just the Flight and jericl cat

6. Too many tourists

The companies’ research also found that a male vacationer had written to Disney World to complain about it being “too touristy.” What was he expecting; a personal guided tour from Mickey Mouse?Image: Pixabay

5. Womb service

Among the more bizarre complaints unearthed by Thomas Cook and ABTA was one from a lady who had been given a double room when she had asked for a twin. “We now hold you responsible for the fact that I find myself pregnant,” she wrote.Image: Andrés Nieto Porras/Flickr

4. This complaint’s definitely genuine

“We bought ‘Ray-Ban’ sunglasses for €5 from a street trader,” wrote one ever-so-slightly naïve vacationer, according to Thomas Cook and ABTA, “only to find out they were fake.” Shock horror indeed.Image: Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr

3. Ban the siesta

Thomas Cook and ABTA also unearthed a vacationer who wasn’t happy with locals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico taking an afternoon nap. “I often needed to buy things during siesta time,” he wrote. “This should be banned.”Image: takoradee

2. Blame the buffet

Online travel firm Sunshine once received a complaint from a tourist who “put on at least five pounds” following his Spanish vacation. Apparently the buffet had too much to offer and he just couldn’t say no. Obviously he wasn’t to blame, though.Image: Richard Foster/Flickr

1. When the bed’s too comfy

Another complaint received by Sunshine concerned a man whose Portuguese vacation had pretty much been ruined. Why? Because his bed was “too comfy,” which meant he slept in rather than getting “up early and making the most of it.”

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