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Boy, 14, rapes and slits throat of two-year-old

Girl found by family members even as she lay bleeding profusely

In a horrific case, a 14-year-old boy raped and slit the throat of a two-year-old girl in the Indian town of Ludhiana.
The girl had been left outside her house in a slum, unattended by her mother. A 14-year-old boy was last seen playing with her, reports UK daily Metro.
Her family members were looking for her frantically when they heard her screams. She was found in an abandoned room and she was allegedly bleeding profusely from her private parts and her neck area.
Fortunately, the girl was found before she bled to death.
The doctors who save her life confirmed that she was sexually assaulted.
The teenager was caught by the authorities at a railway station as he was trying to flee the town.

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