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How Much Do UFC Fighters Earn? You Won’t Believe It!

UFC 196and some pretty epic fights and shocks. But despite their losses,Conor McGregor and Holly Holmstill earned a ton. In fact, The Notorius made history by becoming the first man to earn a million dollar purse for a bout in UFC history. Even though he lost. But how much did all the others make that night…?

Well, a leaked list of all the wages from UFC 196 has hit the internet. And it makes for some fascinating reading… Here it is in full:

Nate Diaz ($500,000 + no win bonus = $500,000)
Who defeated…
Conor McGregor ($1,000,000)

Miesha Tate ($46,000 + $46,000 win bonus = $92,000)
Who defeated…
Holly Holm ($500,000)

And on the rest of the card:

Ilir Latifi ($25,000 + $25,000 = $50,000) defeated Gian Villante($36,000)

Corey Anderson ($20,000 + $20,000 = $40,000) defeated Tom Lawlor($28,000)

Amanda Nunes ($28,000 + $28,000 = $56,000) defeated Valentina Shevchenko ($14,000)

So it clearly pays alright for one night’s work. Plus there are all the sponsorship opportunities and pay-per-view fees. You’ve just gotta work out if it’s worth all the punches and kicks to the head…

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