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Walking Dead: The Last Episode of Season 6 (Video)

WD FINALE: Things you should know

> This is going to be the last episode of season six. The next season will air by October 2016. Filming for that season should begin by May.
> The title of the finale is confirmed to be "Last Day on Earth". The synopsis is: "To save one of their own, Rick's group must venture outside the walls. Their experience there will change their lives forever."
> The episode was written by TWD creator, Robert Kirkman, and directed by Gregory Nicotero.
> Introduction of the TV adaptation of Negan and Lucille. Hence, the episode will be adapted from the comics' 100th issue.
> The finale was shot twice for Negan to drop the f-bomb. It is being discussed if the f-bomb version will be aired on the first run of the episode, video streaming in the internet, or in Blu-Ray. Let's cross our fingers.
> It is confirmed that ONE main character will die according from the show's execs.
> The episode will be 60 mins. long contradictory to the announced 90 mins. because the other 30 mins. is allotted for commercials. Don't worry, WE HAVE NO COMMERCIALS HERE.
> Expect it to be up here on April 4 (PHT) around 12:00 nn to 1:00 PM but expect some delay so we ask for your patience.
> Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 will air a week after the season six finale.
Happy TWD Day!

The Walking Dead Season 6 EP 15

Season 6 EP 15 "East"
The Walking Dead Season 6 EP 15
Posted by The Walking Dead TV Series on Sunday, 27 March 2016

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