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Donald Trump forced to be escorted from highway

WATCH: Donald Trump forced to be escorted from highway around concrete barrier, jump down from roadway and cross grass berm to get into California GOP event -- MSNBC

Donald Trump: "That was not the easiest entrance I've ever made ... felt like I was crossing the border, actually."


Angela Barker-Nesselrotte If you don't support trump that's fine,but you DONT harass,bully,or put your hands on those who do!!!!!! #Trump2016
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Michael Lankford Nicholas Gaspard - I'm going to disagree with you. US NAVY veteran-
You have the right to your decision.

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Teri Elder You want a stand up guy.. But he was to scared of Chicago!! Really!!
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Anthony Hamilton Trump is a waste of sperm!
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Chris ŃCharlie Grider Anthony should know because he swallows a lot of it!
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Mary Aries White Isn't this TWISTED?? This was Donald Trump sport until his people gots caught on video!! He were willing to pays all their fines!! WOW!! Now it's the other ways around!! LMBO
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Justo Juarez III Somebody call a whaabulance...isn't that the platform Mr Trump runs on bullying and take no crap tell it like it is kind of stuff??? Well the people, your fellow Americans and you as well are exercising their amendment rights and fighting back for wha...See more
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John Pacelli Justo Juarez III Nobody has the right to block someone elses freedom of speech. At least not in our country. You from here?
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Jet Torres Oh the tolerant liberals! They are the biggest bullies and most intolerant around. It's their way or no way. No one else can speak their mind or have a contrary opinion. They don't know how to peacefully protest if they disagree.
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Crystal Morgan Right...because that "right" is reserved for Trump supporters.
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Kenly Krag Trigonoplos Sarah Giromini 😂
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Kenly Krag Trigonoplos Sundae Rachal and Donald Trump just Amps that up a million fold!!
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Kevin Sexton Glad to hear you say that Angela. Does that also apply to all the bullies at Trump rallies who have attacked non supporters?
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George Harshbarger Jennifer Valentine I hope he gets to testify and say "at this point, what difference does it make".
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Toño Gallegos Vega Cry baby
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Carmen Skoczylas Same goes to all the racist Trump fans who spit on and sucker punch protestors...
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Heidee Meyer Chris Musselwhite wtf is incoherent of common sense. Get an education.
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Aura Jay No, that's reserved for Trump supporters.
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Justo Juarez III With all due respect John Pacelli this is a country for the people by the people. Politicians work for us not the other way around. Only citizens have the right of speech our employees the politicians do not.
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Raquel G Pruneda Right? Only his security can, and all of his supporters!
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Mary Barnes He and his followers created this climate of hate. Karma much?
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Shagufta Hayat What Trump is doing so far?
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Alrick Jones Excuse me???!!!. What do you say to those who was harassed, punched & kicked by those who supported the Clown Trump against those who protested against him?. Here what......"What goes around comes around"!!
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Chris Hill If only his supporters were like that, too!
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Dellene Peralta I have seen more violence from Trump supports!
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Terrell Dupree You mean like...Trump supporters?!
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Jack Nicolas Watts But it's okay for trump supporters to put their hands on someone? You ma'am are a hypocrite. Trump literally said that he would love for his "fans" to punch someone in the face, and he'd pay the legal fees. What he spits is hate and he will not win.
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Hilary Brooks Gail Robinson u reap what u sow
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Gigi Alvarez B i g o t! No place in politics for him. #stopthehate
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Lisa Roy lol that is funny trump supporters are always hitting and laying hands on protesters watching it has caused more and more anger and his calling Mexicans criminals and rapists didn't help matters.
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Evelin Gaspar So what about all the trump supporters who beat non trump supporters? The reporter who got thrown into the wall? The teenage girl who got beat on by 5 guys...the guy who made the free hugs video at a trump campaign and a woman straight up said "If you don't support trump I'll punch you in the face." So what about that?
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Damian Fantauzzi That is a two street!
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Erica Silva Are you delusional out of your mind or just stupid Angela Baker_Nesselrotte for starters he is the one bullying people around, as far as I see the protesters are just trying to stop his madness, I can't even believe how such an ignorant reality show man runs for president, he has no political background, you just might put a Kardashian in the White House then
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Gayle Collier Andrew Wellman They are following Trump's lead. He incites simple people into violence.
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Sharon Senecal It goes both ways !
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Gayle Collier Lisa Roy Not only his supporters, but his security team puts their hands on people.
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Gayle Collier Don't get me wrong....I can't stand Trump, but the ones that knocked down the security fences were WRONG.
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Randy Gant So let me get this straight. Just because the news outlets show selected/edited videos of trump supporters defending themselves. Or selected videos of some idiots making stupid comments (which there are some on each side) it is okay to trash, block tra...See more
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Giovanny Carreras Randy Gant I get you, but he caused this himself by promoting hate.
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Susan Pickering White He created this mess all by himself. He has done nothing but spewed hatred and lies. I feel sorry for you for believing he is capable of being the president of the United States.
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Cece Collins Same goes for Trump supporters
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Cece Collins Susan Pickering White Yess!!!! 👏👏👏👏
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