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Doctors Sewed Man’s Burned Hand Into His Stomach

The Reason Will Astonish You!

#5 A Farm Accident
A Farm Accident

87-year-old Frank Reyes’ hand was crushed on his farm by a hot metallic wheel while working on his farm, leaving it almost completely unusable.

#4 Strange Procedure
Strange Procedure

Doctors at the Houston Methodist Hospital knew they must do something to help the hand fully recover, so they attached the damaged hand to his stomach…

#3 Quick Healer
Quick Healer

The idea was that new blood vessels would form in the hand thanks to the tissue within the stomach

#2 Removed The Hand
Removed The Hand

Doctors have since taken out his hand, along with a piece of his stomach still attached...

#1 Recover Road
Recover Road

He will now be able to properly heal his hand, and hopefully return back to his farm and normal life!

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