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Reasons Why Women Don’t Admit To Watching Porn

Reasons Why Women Don’t Admit To Watching Porn

A lot of people derive pleasure out of watching porn. The porn industry is growing at a fast rate with the number of viewers increasing every single day. Even when the Government lays out strict rules in a few countries, the porn industry continues to thrive on a huge demand by people who consume it. We assume that most of the people who watch porn are males; it is far from being the truth. The percentage of women watching porn is almost equal to that of men. However, most people find it difficult to digest this truth. S3x is still treated as a tabooed word and this is something which is, foolishly, associated with men. This is the reason why women do not divulge the fact that they watch porn.

Not appropriate Whether watching porn is appropriate or not is debatable. However, what is really disappointing is that while men are not judged for watching porn women are. Those who think that watching porn is a very inappropriate thing to do have no issues with men watching it. They have an issue with women having access to porn.

2.Do not want to be judged

The society has a very judgmental attitude towards women. Their actions are scrutinized and they are asked to keep a watch on what they say. In such circumstances, if they act honest and do not hide the fact that they watch porn, then they will be surely judged.

3.It is embarrassing

In a patriarchal society where women are asked to bottle up their thoughts and feelings inside themselves, it becomes very important for them to hide this fact. Their minds are conditioned in a certain way as a result of which coming out in the open about this would not be difficult, it will be an embarrassing situation for them.

4.Not comfortable

Women might like watching porn but they are not comfortable talking about it. We do several things we like doing but prefer keeping those things to ourselves. We do not wish to discuss about them as they do not make for good conversations. It is difficult talking about because f the way they are perceived to be.

5 .To maintain their aura

Aura is the distinctive quality that surrounds a person. It is something that lends a sense of mystery to a person. This mystery thickens when you do not divulge too many details about yourself to people. If you let people know that you watch porn, it will take that aura away from you.

6.Things have been that way

When the thought of admitting that you watch porn comes to your mind, you immediately try to think of women who have talked about this before. And nobody comes to your mind. You fail to muster the courage to admit this when you have nobody to follow. You look for inspiration but you find there is nobody who have had the courage to admit this.


Everybody does it but nobody talks about it. Most of us feel shy when we are asked to talk about sex. We pretend as if it is something that does not exist. If people are comfortable with the idea of taking about sex, how can they possibly discuss porn? People still find it to be okay when men talk about it but point a finger when a woman talks about it. The social milieu is not encouraging of women to talk about s3x and porn.

8.Bad image

Funnily, a lot of people have this perception that the ones who watch porn are bad human beings. They are immoral people driven by just one thing called lust. That is far from being true. In fact, to day so many people watch porn that if you go by this theory then almost every second person in this world is bad. This is a ridiculous perception which forces people to stay mum about it.

9.Nobody to talk to 

You want to talk about it but there is nobody you can discuss it with. Sexual tension is a very common phenomenon among young people. People often resort to porn for sexual gratification. At this stage, you want to talk to someone about this but do not know whom you should reach out to.

10.Too reserved Some women are just like keeping things to themselves. 

They are too reserved to talk about it. They like watching porn but do not feel the need to share this information with anyone. They are not ashamed abbot watching porn but are not comfortable talking about it. It is common knowledge that women re sexually repressed and are not encouraged to talk about their feelings. If you do not judge men for watching porn then you should not judge women either.

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