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Unforgettable Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

Unforgettable Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

1. Fergie wets her pants on stage

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas may have gotten a little overexcited during a performance. Then again, some of those shows are hours long and bathroom breaks are few and far between. We feel for ya Fergie.

Keep reading for embarrassing celebrity moments that are even more cringe-inducing than this one…

2. Katy Perry’s nude bodysuit

We like to think this made sense at the time, but the novelty must have soured by the time the official ceremony came around. At this point, Katy Perry looks quite eager to get off the stage!

3. Jennifer Lawrence trips at the 2013 Oscars

The star of The Hunger Games may be able to beat The Capital, but this gown definitely won the day in 2013. She got her Oscar anyway, though. Any everyone loved her for being human.

4. Khloe Kardashian’s spanx

So that’s her secret! Khloe’s Spanx made a quick appearance while she walked down the street on a windy day. As embarrassing as this photo is, it’s not without precedent. After all, a similar thing happened to Marilyn Monroe! And that may be the first and last time Khloe Kardashian is ever compared to Marilyn Monroe.

5. Ashlee Simpson’s lip syncing disaster

We all know that some of our favorite stars can’t sing in real life like they do on the radio. But we do still expect to see them lip sync convincingly, and at an SNL show in 2004, Ashlee Simpson didn’t quite manage this. As the techs cued up the wrong music, Simpson danced an embarrassed little jig to the sound of her own voice singing a song she wasn’t prepared for. Yikes.

6. Justin Beiber vomits onstage

In 2012, the Beib had some bad milk just before going out in front of a cheering crowd of his most devoted fans. God knows they left with a unique memory.

7. Taylor Swift Gives Her Audience an Eye Full

Taylor Swift had her very own Marilyn Monroe moment at a concert in St. Louis in 2011. The audience got more than they were expecting when a wind machine blew up Taylor’s dress, revealing her undies which were surprisingly grandma-like. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, Swift was able to quickly, well, shake it off and keep performing. Still pretty embarrassing, though.

8. Britney Spears shaves her head

Brittany Spears has suffered a lot of bad publicity, but the hair-shaving incident must be one of the worst. Why she allowed someone to videotape it is anybody’s guess. Actually, why she decided to do it in the first place is anybody’s guess.

9. Tara Reid’s Epic Wardrobe Malfunction

This was perhaps the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions. While strutting on the red carpet for P. Diddy’s birthday party in 2004, Tara’s dress decided to that it no longer wished to cover her left breast. Said boob was on display for a whopping 10 seconds. Long enough for every paparazzi to get multiple shots of Tara’s tatas.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio and the bananas

Leo likes fruit. Especially bananas. ‘Nuff said.

Wait until you see what happened to the next celebrity – it will make you cringe…

11. Christina Aguilera at Etta James’ funeral

While singing for Etta James’ funeral in 2012, Christina Aguilera was mortified by a brown liquid that began dripping down her legs mid-performance. Look for it, look for it – yes, there it is. Officially, it’s a spray-tanning malfunction. We have no unofficial opinion on what actually happened. Apart from the brown liquid can we all agree that Christina was perhaps showing a bit too much cleavage at a funeral? Double embarrassing moment there.

12. Demi Moore dances like crazy

The Chanel party got wild, and Demi got wilder. As a wise person once said, there’s nothing wrong with having a good time! That definitely extends to snapping your fingers and doing the twist by yourself as everyone around you tries very hard to look cool.

13. Katy Perry again – this time, with cake

The story behind this mishap is a little complicated. Katy was performing her hit song “I Kissed A Girl” for the MTV Latin America awards. The act called for her to belly-flop into a giant cake, which went just as planned. However, they hadn’t planned for cake – and slippery frosting – to get all over the stage. When Katy emerged, she slipped in the mess and couldn’t get off the floor. Eventually, she crawled backstage and was other members of the production helped her. Ouch.

14. Tom Cruise and Oprah’s couch

Oprah’s face says it all: what was Tom Cruise thinking? Years of speculation have produced no good answers to this shocking behavior on the part of one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. You know what they say – love makes you crazy.

15. Travolta Travolta-izes Idina Menzel’s name

Maybe it’s time for us all to let it go, but when John Travolta introduced Idina Menzel at the 2014 Oscars, he butchered her name hilariously. Most people heard “Adele Dazeem.” Did someone dare him to do this?

16. The Wardrobe Malfunction

The blame for this falls solidly on Justin Timberlake, who got a little too enthusiastic when tearing Janet Jackson’s clothing on stage during the 2004 Superbowl Halftime show. You can see by his face that he knows he went a little too far. Poor Janet just can’t seem to believe it. Or maybe the whole thing was planned in advance.

17. Louie Spencer, what were you thinking?

It’s definitely impolite and most people would call it rude, too. We’re not sure how Louie Spencer wrote this one off, but if he’s doing what we think he’s doing at the premier of “The Dictator,” then he should be embarrassed. (What we think he’s doing is proving himself a total jerk and indicating to all women everywhere that he’s not mature enough to be a suitable romantic partner.) Then again, he’s male, so there’s that.

18. Julianne Hough in blackface

While dressed as Crazy Eyes for Halloween, Julianne Hough decided it might be a good idea to darken her skin with makeup. It wasn’t quite minstrelsy, but it was uncomfortable enough that we hope she doesn’t do it again. Pro tip, caucasian public figures )or really any white people at all): blackface, to any extent and in any context, is never OK. Ever ever ever.

19. Antonio Banderas’ wandering eyes

Even when you’re famous, it’s completely not OK to openly eye a woman’s bust. His hand is sitting kind of low on her waist as well. Antonio is the one who ought to be ashamed of himself, but the poor lady looks like she can’t wait to get away from him! Not cool, man.

20. Robert Pattinson’s zipper

Getty Images

Once in a while, everybody forgets to zip their zipper. But when you forget at the premier of your brand new, artsy movie, Cosmopolis, then the world does tend to notice a bit more than when you forget on, say, a city street. As wardrobe malfunctions go, however, this one is definitely one of the less embarrassing options.

21. Ice T’s wife, Coco, gets a gluteal ultrasound

Why Ice T’s wife, Coco, thought it was necessary to prove to the public that she hadn’t had plastic surgery to improve her posterior is something of a mystery. But, apparently, vanity is a powerful motivating factor. An actual, certified doctor used a real ultrasound machine to verify that, in fact, Coco did not have implants. Wow – now everyone can move on with their lives.

22. Axl Rose forgets the words in France

Everyone else on Earth might have a hard time getting the lyrics to “Sweet Child of Mine” out of our heads, but Axl managed to forget them at a show in France. I’m sure no drugs were involved at the time.

23. Ariana Grande and the Donut Licking Incident

In 2015 Ariana Grande was caught on tape licking an unsold donut in a California store. Ewww! Can’t you just buy it first? To make matters worse, Ariana was also recorded as saying “I hate Americans. I hate America” when she saw a fresh batch of donuts coming out. Hey Ariana – fresh donuts are what made this country great. Love it or leave it. Or something like that.

24. Robin Thicke Grabbing a Fan’s Backside

Thanks to a well placed mirror, one hit wonder Robin Thicke was caught heartily squeezing a fan’s butt as they posed for a photo. Oops! Oh, and he was married at the time, so there’s that. While former wife Paula Patton has never commented on the now infamous snapshot, she soon thereafter divorced the singer. Hope the grope was worth it Robin.

25. Zac Efron: prepared on the Red Carpet

Normally, one does not associate children’s movies with – ahem – preparedness. However, Zac Efron apparently planned to get lucky at the premier of “The Lorax,” because he managed to drop a condom right on the red carpet. Awkward! But thanks for strapping one on Zac – the ladies appreciate it!

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