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13 Simple Ways To Stand Out as a Personal Trainer

13 Simple Ways To Stand Out as a Personal Trainer

There is so much you can do to ensure that you are the ‘go to’ Personal Trainer in your area.
We all know that it is the little things that really matter to people and it is the small thoughtful things you do, that get you remembered.

So here are some super simple tips which will help you stand out:

1. Keep Deodorant in your bag for you and your clients

2. Always have a spare protein bar in your bag in case a client needs it

3. Be mindful you are always being watched so smile and be helpful

4. Have hair bands and bobbles for women clients (and men with longer hair)

5. Be up to speed on body language so you understand how to read your client

6. Make an effort to learn everyone’s name and talk to them when you see them

7. Practice what you preach!

8. Have liquid chalk for your clients to use

9. Always give technique cues, even if they are not your client

10. Don’t be one of those trainers that won’t help unless you get paid

11. SMILE all the time

12. Know your Numbers – know your retention rates and conversion rates so you know what needs to be improved

13. Have bottled water that your can give to your clients or sell for a small fee towards charity

Bonus tip – never look at your phone when you are with a client – it tells them you are not 100% focused on them.

These might seem stupidly simple however, it is often these things which are overlooked.
How many of these do you currently do?

Do you do most of them?

Are there any you are going to start doing?

Comment below if you have any you would add


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