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How To Remove 15 Kilograms Of Toxins From Your Body

I know that many of us forget that detoxifying our body is an essential condition to stay healthy and feel more energetic. You should clean your body at least once a year. Especially in the cold season it is good for you to detoxify your body

I will show you a recipe which specialists say that it will help you get rid of 15 kilograms of toxins from our intestines and blood vessels. It is unbelievable how many kilograms of toxins are in out bodies and we do not even realize this. This accumulation of toxins is the main reason of different diseases, this is why is very important to get rid of them.


1 tablespoon of buckwheat flour¼ teaspoon of powder ginger (you can use also fresh ginger)200 ml of kefir1 teaspoon of honey

Preparation method: Mix in a bowl the buckwheat flour with ginger, kefir and honey and put the mixture in the fridge. In the morning mix again the mixture and eat it at breakfast without combining it with anything else.

For three hours try not to eat anything else and after that, you can eat your regular food. Follow this simple procedure for 14 days, every 6 months and you will obtain a clean body, ready to stand against every challenge.

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