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Avocado Seeds Fight Cancer


You may popular the many well-documented benefits of avocados in your diet, however did you know that the seeds are even much better? It holds true: Avocado seeds are even richer in anti-oxidants than the fleshy fruit, and we’re here to tell you all about it

Avocado seeds have more antioxidants than many vegetables and fruits (more, even, than many healing teas), and the seeds offer you more soluble fiber than other food! Furthermore, avocado seeds have a nourishing, antioxidant-rich oil that lower high cholesterol and assistance avoid stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Consuming avocado seeds is a fantastic method to reduce inflammatory illness in the body. Specifically, the avocado seed’s powerful benefits work to reduce swelling in the gastrointestinal tract, and avocado seeds help eliminate diarrhea and irregularity naturally and effectively.

The antioxidants known as phenolic compounds in avocado seeds make it useful for calming stomach ulcers. These compounds contain antibacterial and antiviral properties that make the seeds effective at preventing ulcers all along the lining of the gastrointestinal system.

Here are 5 substantial reasons that you must eat avocado seeds:

1. Kills Cancer Cells: 70% of the anti-oxidants in avocados are found in the seeds. The seeds consist of flavonol, an effective anti-oxidant that assists to avoid and lower tumor development. A 2013 research study released in Pharmaceutical Biology found avocado extract from the flesh triggered leukemia cells to self-destruct. In a more current research study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Research study, scientists discovered that a substance found in avocado seed extract called avocatin B worked versus severe myeloid leukemia cells. In total, research study scientists tested 800 natural health products against the human intense myeloid leukemia cells.

2. Strengthens The Immune System: Avocado seeds include procyanidins and catechins. They have anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties that minimize tightness, swelling, joint pain and diseases. Flavonol in avocado also enhances the body immune system and help safeguards from cold and influenza.

3. Heals Digestion Issues: For centuries, avocado seeds have actually been used in South America to deal with gastrointestinal system issues, including stomach ulcers, irregularity, and diarrhea. These anti-inflammatory seeds consist of more soluble fibers than most other foods on our planet!

4. Protects Heart Health: Avocados are an outstanding source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and thanks to their amino acid and dietary fiber material, the seeds can help lower cholesterol and avoid cardiovascular issues such as the formation of plaque, which can cause strokes and cardiac arrest

5. Live Longer, Feel Better: The seeds don’t simply assist you look more youthful, they help you feel more youthful too. Compounds in avocado seeds have the ability to minimize bone disease, joint pain, and aches and discomforts. Antioxidants neutralize complimentary radicals that trigger health problem and early aging. Avocados and their seeds, actually slow down the aging procedure since of their ability to manufacture collagen. Avocado seeds can lower blood sugar levels and assist you maintain a healthy weight. Due to its high content of good fats, you will stay satiated for longer, indicating you won’t be chewing on snacks all day.

So now you’re asking, “how can I get all these fantastic advantages from this big seed?” Naturally you cannot simply bite into it, and it will not go through the juicer, so how do you get the goodness from this seed?

Take a look at the video listed below:


The next time you consume avocados, keep the seeds and clean them. Dry them with a paper towel and put them into a dehydrator or oven to bake it. Heat the oven to 250 F (120 C) and bake the seeds for 2 hours, till the external skin of the seed cracks. Dispose of the outer skin.

The seeds will now be soft enough that you can use a knife to suffice into smaller sized pieces. Toss them into your blender and mix them into powder form.

You can use the powder still in its wet type, or lightly roast it and keep them away dry (keep longer). Your wet powder may appear whitish, or when roasted may appear orange in color.

Now you can use your avocado powder in any variety of methods. Sprinkle the powder into your juices, shakes, oatmeals, soups, salads and in simply about any meals. Or basically half a teaspoon of the powder into a cup, pour hot water, and make a tea infusion. Let high for about 10 minutes.

Avocado seed powder resembles your own super-healthy supplement powder. So next time you consume avocados, remember to conserve the seeds!

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