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Overweight Can Affect Social Life

If you and your family are overweight, it’s time for a team meeting. If you’re going to change habits of a lifetime it must be discussed first. It’s even more important to do this if you and/or your partner have a family history of diabetes. Talk about the effects of diabetes, educate yourself and your family about the risks of being overweight. Point out how being overweight can affect social activities, confidence, and energy. Then, just like a good salesperson, tell them the benefits of eating healthier. Make a list of consequences of good eating verses bad eating.

Sugar and processed foods are probably two of the biggest roadblocks in the effort to maintain a healthy weight. If you want to get in shape you’ve got to quit sabotaging yourself. So the next step is to re-educate yourself about what you should be eating by finding a well trained nutritionist and proven healthy diet

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