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At Home Dumbbell Ab Workout

At Home Dumbbell Ab Workout

Grab one heavier dumbbell, and two lighter dumbbells (if you only have one set, that is fine, you can vary the exercises based on your skill level). Perform each exercise for the below stated reps/time, with 20-30 seconds rest in between. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for four rounds total.

V-Up Shoulder Press x 10/side

Begin seated on your bum with your knees slightly bent and feet off the ground. Hold two lighter dumbbells below your chin. Keeping your core tight and chest up right, twist your torso to the right. As you do this, press the dumbbells above your head, similar to a shoulder press. Keep the ends of the dumbbell pressed together. Bring your arms back down to starting position, and simultaneously bring your chest back to centre. Repeat on the opposite side.

Russian Twist to Press x 10/side

Grab a heavier dumbbell, and start in the same position as the first exercise with your feet off the ground and knees bent. Hold the dumbbell in both hands. Press the dumbbell above your head before slowly bringing it down to your right hip. Twist your torso so that your obliques are fully engaged. Squeeze your core and press the dumbbell above your head again, bringing it down to the opposite side in an “A” shape.

Twist to Modified V-Up x 60 secs

Grab the dumbbell with both hands, holding it horizontally around your hip area. Extend your legs, and at the same time, bring your shoulders down to the ground. Avoid letting your feet touch the ground. As you come up, twist your torso to the right, bringing the dumbbell to your right hip. Come back down to starting position, then bring your knees to your chest, facing forward. Extend your legs once more, and repeat the first movement, except on the opposite side.

Plank Dumbbell Switch x 60 secs

Start in a high plank position, with your dumbbell on the outside of your left hand. Keeping your hips level with the floor, use your right hand and reach to the outside of your left hand to grab the dumbbell. Place it on the mat, just on the outside of where your right hand was placed. Repeat the movement, except this time using your left hand to grab the dumbbell. Make sure your back is flat and your hips are square with the ground the entire movement.

Side Plank Dumbbell Press x 30 secs/side

Start in a side plank position, with your left forearm on the ground and the dumbbell on the ground in front of you. Grab the dumbbell with your free hand, and keeping your core tight, lift it up and press it directly above you. Slowly bring it back down, in a controlled motion, until it’s back on the ground. Repeat on the opposite side.

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