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Fat Facts and Myths

We can talk about weights, muscles, pr's, good form bad form and whatnaught.
But let's be honest. Most people go to the gym (or are thinking about it) to lose fat. Let's just call it what it is.
First of all I want to say that I have an enormous respect for everyone, no matter what shape they're in, who goes for a jog, picks up a weight, makes better food choices, takes the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator, walks the dog an extra block or anything that is a deliberate choice to make a lifestyle change for the better.
So if you have made a choice to change something, what are you up against? Know your enemy!
Fat Myths:
1. You've build many kilo's of fat in a certain timespan. Don't expect to lose it in 3 or 6 weeks. Everybody who says that that is possible, lies.
2. There is no magic pill(yet) for fat reduction.
3. Spotreduction(the idea that training a certain musclegroup will burn the fat around that musclegroup faster) doesn't exist.
Fat Facts:
1. Slow cardio will burn fat. So will working with weights.
2. What you've  built up in years might take years to reverse. But it can be done with a good approach and perseverance.
3. There are some supplements which will raise you BMR(the minimum energy needed to keep your body alive) but the best and most effective way to increase your BMR is through exercise intensive regularly. Intensive meaning tiring.
4. Stop using the scale. It doesn't tell you if you lost any fat. There are better ways to measure that(e.g. inbody measurements).
5. Fat is a high density energy source. 1 gram of fat delivers approx 9000 cals or 9 kcals where the k stands for kilo. These are the official values. Look it up.
6. A bit more in depth. Within every reasonable period of exercise(lets say half an hour or more), you will burn proteins, carbs and fat. Its possible to shift the intensity from one fire to the other, but all 3 will stay burning.
You need help to lose fat. DM or Whatsup
Source: Aat Pedersen - Personal Trainer
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