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5 Myths And Truths Nobody Told You About The Clitoris

Although we have seen an increasing emergence of awareness campaigns on female sexuality during the last years, women are still affected by society's phallocentric norms and misinformation.

There are lots of taboos surrounding women's sexual anatomy and they just won't be debunked. Arguably, men have more access to information related to their sexuality and sexual anatomy than women.

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Most mainstream media keeps on bombing information about methods and techniques to get better at giving oral sex to men, while there isn't as much information about women's main pleasure point. Anyhow, this is not the article's intention. Our goal here is to dispel some myths that women and men may believe about the clitoris and female pleasure. These are five facts that aren't usually clear:

1. It's an extremely sensible spot

It may sound cliché, but things are not that simple. The clitoris is the part of the body that has more nerve endings. There are more than 8 thousand, which double a penis' nerve endings.

Clitoris myths penis

2. It's similar to a penis

If biology logics once made you assume as much, you'll be glad to know you were actually right. Despite their structural differences, the clitoris has a close resemblance to a penis for two main reasons: it also has glands and foreskin.

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3. Serves just one function

As opposed to the penis, where the urethra is connected to the urinary system, the clitoris is separated from the urethra, so it only has one main and special function: provide pleasure.

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4. Size matters

Yes, this is the phrase that men dread hearing, but perhaps women's situation is not so different. A study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine on 2014 explains that the distance between the clitoris and the opening of the vagina can play an important part in orgasms. On average, 10 out of 30 women have difficulties reaching orgasm because the distance between the opening of the vagina and the clitoris is greater.

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5. It's not just like a regular button and has limits

It's true that clitoral stimulation is essential to reach an orgasm, but there's also a limit to the potential pleasure it can bring. Too much non-stop stimulation can be painful and uncomfortable. Whenever you feel your clitoris too sensitive, the best thing to do is to stimulate other parts so you can enjoy the moment.

A woman's anatomy and pleasure has always been mysterious and enigmatic. Her sexuality symbolizes her capacity to bring life, and therefore, it has inspired many myths and legends since ancient times.

Translated by Andrea Valle Gracia

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