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Assorted ADULT TOYS, ABORTION PILLS, Found at Old Nun`s Convent In Bulacan

While the embattled Catholic priest Monsignor Arnel Lagarejos is facing multiple charges of child abuse and human trafficking, another Catholic scandal is being uncovered in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

Construction workers on Monday found huge volume of adult toys, expired abortion pills, and even condoms in an old convent previously occupied by nuns.

More than 300 pieces of assorted dildos and other sex toys were found. The things are believed to be collected and used as early as 1960’s, and as late as 1990’s based on designs and brands.
Workers also found a number of equipment used in BDSM like armbinder, bondage equipment, several ropes, and other unidentified things.

The unnamed convent in Sta. Maria Bulacan has been undergoing repairs for a week now.

From 1951 to 2010, the convent have been used to train and educate Catholic nuns. It ceased its operation on 2010 due to wear and tear, and only after seven years that the Catholic leadership decided to have it repaired.

A construction worker first discovered a box of old paper money, together with bunch of unidentified pills (later found out to be abortion pills).

The Roman Catholic convents and seminaries are rumored to have many dirty secrets, but there is a little evidence to show these things are really happening, until several sources in other countries started to appear recently.

The discovery of the said unusual things in a former catholic sanctuary is a big blow to the influential but controversial Church. A worse case was documented in US last year.

Experts are still identifying the types of abortion pills and other medicines found in the cellar of the said convent.

Authorities believed that at least three workers who found and reported the nasty things, also found some valuable materials, like jewelries and money.

The diocese of Bulacan has yet to give any comment on the said dirty matter.

“There’s a lot of strange things buried at the basement”, one of the workers said.

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