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Vaseline is also called the petroleum jelly gel. A lot of people are using it lies a home remedy, for beauty tricks. Not long ago, a lot of people raise a bunt about the Vaseline and its side effects, but if you are using it right you won’t even have a problem except the benefits.

In addition, we are going to present you how to use it:

Use Vaseline to soften your rough skin. Vaseline can make your skin very soft. Also, you can use it for your dry skin, and this is very useful especially during winter time.

You can use Vaseline on the elbows to help moisturize the skin.

In case you are struggling with rough spots on the feet, you can use Vaseline and then put on clean socks and repeat it so they will be gone.

You can use on the dry spots before you do your fake tanning, and you will eliminate the risk of uneven tanning.

Apply Vaseline to highlight around your eyes.

In case you run out of conciliar, you can use Vaseline so you will change it perfectly. As long as you are careful you won’t have any problems.

Mix Vaseline with a powder eyeshadow in order to make a new color. Also, you can apply Vaseline in order to get the shiny effect.

Before bedtime, you can apply Vaseline on the eyelashes and they will be glossy and longer.
Use it on your nails You can apply Vaseline on your nails so your nails will be better looking.

Apply it on your lips.

As we all know the first usage of Vaseline is as a lip balm. So in a dry weather, your lips will be shiny and beautiful.

Vaseline for your teeth. You may find this strange, but it is true. You will stop for the lipstick to stick on your teeth.

Use Vaseline on your hair. Small amounts of Vaseline can help your broken hair. It will stick together and give the right vitamins. You can use it for eliminating dandruff. Massage the scalp before washing. You can use it for dying hair so it will have a lot more life.

Vaseline to rashes caused by chaffing. This is one of the most usual usages of Vaseline. Runners and cyclists will often apply a small amount of Vaseline to the insides of the thighs to avoid chafing during a long race.

In addition, we are going to resent you another way of using Vaseline, for a Cough:

You can apply petroleum jelly on your bare chest, but make sure that you take all the surface.You need to wait a couple of minutes for the Vaseline to dry and then put your shirt.This way you will breathe easier.

Method 3- Using Vaseline for the Household.

You can use to ease off stuck on rings. It is also known as a lubricant, it will make slipping off easier. You can also use it before you put your earrings so it will be faster and painless.You can apply Vaseline for your shoes and bags. You can apply Vaseline of this kind of objects so they will have more shine just like the first day you have bought them.

You can use Vaseline for projects at home.  Food carvings, such as potatoes, pumpkins, and other organic art projects can have their life extended by applying a small amount of Vaseline to the edges. Once you carve your Halloween pumpkin, rub Vaseline on the exposed edges to keep the carved pumpkin from rotting or going dry. It’ll still dry out eventually, but you can slow down the process considerably with a bit of well-placed petroleum jelly.Use Vaseline to lubricate moving parts. We already told you that Vaseline is a great lubricant and you can use it for sticky zippers, door hinges and etc.

You can use for pet-care. Use it for eliminating the hairballs from cats. Apply to the cracked pads of dog’s paws to help soften their skin. In the winter, dogs foot pads tend to get dried out, especially if they’re walking frequently on the concrete. You can apply with a message on the pad to stop it from licking.

And last but not least, method 4.

Do not use Vaseline on burns. It can get infected. Many people will use it, but Vaseline doesn’t have that power.You shouldn’t use Vaseline as a personal lubricant. Don’t use it in combination with latex condoms. You need to use water-soluble lubricant with latex condoms. A lot of people are using vaseline as a lubricant but it is harmful.

You shouldn’t use Vaseline on some new tattoos. You can clog your pores and that will ruin the new ink. Instead, use A&D, Bacitracin, or specialty products like TattooGoo, which help to moisturize the area and promote healing.You mustn’t use Vaseline on acne. Vaseline on acne is going to harm your skin. It creates a barrier so the skin isn’t able to breathe and that will create more skin complications and bigger inflammation.You can’t use Vaseline as a moisturizer. If your skin is cleaned thoroughly before applying some Vaseline, it can be effective at locking in moisture, but it will not moisturize your skin.Do not use Vaseline as an anti-fungal. Vaseline it is not an antifungal product. You need to use something which has that kind of properties just like coconut oil.

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