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South African schoolboy raped in ‘race attack’

Some of the accused pupils leave the Jan Kempdorp Magistrate's Court. Photo: Network24

South African schoolboy raped in ‘race attack’

 According to ,the recent brutal rape of a South African schoolboy by a group of his white fellow pupils with a broomstick has sent shockwaves throughout the country

The group of white boys from a South African agricultural school in the Northern Cape province allegedly made a video of themselves dehumanising a black fellow pupil with a broomstick.

According to the City Press, the video shows the six white learners, dressed in just their underwear, attacking the child in the boarding house of Hoër Landbouskool, situated in the town of Jan Kempdorp. Throughout the ordeal, the child is bound to a steel frame bed by hands and feet, smeared with a white substance that appears to be shaving cream, while a handful of black pupils watch.

At the end of the video, the child is then raped with a broom handle while his perpetrators laugh.

The child is reportedly a new scholar at the school, having enrolled at the beginning of the year.

Northern Cape education spokesperson, Sydney Stander, condemned the act.

“You cannot tell me that these learners at this age with their level of education didn’t know that what they were doing is unacceptable. This is blatant racism,” Stander said.

The child is reportedly receiving counselling. His attackers were charged with rape and assault during the week but released on R1,000 ($100) bail, to appear again in court on March 5.

Source: eNCA, City Press

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