KNOW THE UAE LAW: Insults To Religion Carry Penalties Of Up To AED 1million

Dubai police issued a fresh warning while also reminding residents to be responsible when using social media as part of Article 35 of the Cyber Crime Law that prohibits the posting of any offensive content on social media.

Residents in the UAE have been reminded that individuals who are found guilty of offending any kind of religion will face fines of up to AED 1 million.

Using electronic sites to display contempt for any holy symbols, characters, figures and rituals of Islam including the Divinity (Allah, God) the Prophets and for any other faiths or religions, or any of their symbols, characters, figures and rituals carries an imprisonment of no more than seven years and a fine ranging between Dh250,000 and AED 1 million.

Dubai police warned that people will be prosecuted if they offend any Islamic sanctities or rituals and any of the sanctities or rituals prescribed in other religions, insult any of the monotheistic religions and encourage, incite or promote sins.

In addition, article 20 of the Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 on Combatting Cybercrimes carries a punishment of imprisonment and/or a fine of not less than Dh250,000 and not more than Dh500,000 for whoever insults or accuses another person of a matter of which he shall be subject to punishment or being held in contempt by others.

Top Nutrition Tips To Help You Build Muscle Mass

Top Nutrition Tips To Help You Build Muscle Mass

Nutrition in bodybuilding is a very popular topic for conversation. Different advice on how to eat a huge amount. Let’s try to generalize information and add something new.

1. Eat Breakfast to help build Muscle Mass. ...
2. Eat every three hours. ...
3. Eat Protein with Each Meal to Boost Your Muscle Mass. ...
4. Eat fruit and vegetables with each meal. ...
5. Eat carbs only after your workout. ...
6. Eat healthy fats. ...
7. Drink water to help you build Muscle Mass. ...
8. Eat Whole Foods 90% of The Time.

Of course, the food should be well balanced and full. Well, if you have the opportunity to eat often (up to 6 times a day), if this is not possible, then eat at least 3 times a day. You can not say that you have to eat everything and in any quantity. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the excess can go to fat. The main products needed for eating are foods with a high content of carbohydrates and proteins. It is through these substances that muscle growth occurs. Those who need, on the contrary, to lose weight, read the article diet for weight loss, which lists the products recommended for this purpose.

Simple rules

Important conditions for bodybuilding nutrition are: to use protein in the calculation of 1.5-2 g per 1 kg of your weight (to determine more accurately, you need to try a few options and see the increase in mass); to get with food more kcal (energy) than consumed by the body. These two simple rules form the basis of any sporting correct diet. For beginners, this is quite enough. More experienced athletes come to the aid of special mixtures, geyners, etc. They can be easily purchased in any stores with sports supplements. They are created in order not to suffer with endless cooking and calculating calories.

Getty image
How can I determine how many calories I have spent, and how much should I eat?
To the basic metabolism, an arbitrary metabolism is added and a daily rate is obtained. For the athlete, the daily average is 2,800 kcal. That there was a growth of muscles, it is necessary to eat more on 300-400 from norm or rate. To calculate the calories eaten, look at the package number of calories per 100 g of product. Sum up all kcal and compare with the theoretical number, which is calculated according to your age.

Calculation formula

The age of the man is 18-30, then the formula has the form 15.8 * your weight in kg + 679.
Age 30-60: 11.6 * your weight is + 879.
If you are over 60 years old: 13.5 * weight + 487.

Thus, we get a figure for the basic metabolism. To it we add 400 kcal, if at you a way of life inactive; 600 units, if the way of life is mobile and 800, when you have a very mobile kind of life. The deviation from the daily rate is 150 units. Bodybuilding nutrition should consider only fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are very slightly used as a fuel.

For example, the calculation for a man of 20 years, weighing 80 kg: 15.8 * 80 + 679 = 1943 (basic metabolism) + 600 = 2543 – daily rate. To progress, in the diet for the day should be 2,843 calories.

Some calculations of kcal per 100g of product:
In fruits 44, in vegetables 22, in potatoes 84, various cereals – from 240 to 310, in bread 240, vegetable oil – 900.
In 1 g of proteins contains 4 kcal.
In 1 g of carbohydrates – up to 4 kcal.
In 1 g of fats – 9 kcal.

In protein foods (raw form) per 100 g of product contains protein:
in chicken breast to 20 g;
in beef about 18 g;
in fish 17-22 g;
in low-fat cottage cheese up to 16 g;
in the egg about 6 g.

A very important point is eating bodybuilding food after the training. More and more athletes use sports supplements, but they do it right after training, which is a big mistake. The first 20-30 minutes the body does not break down the protein is capable of high quality, so the whole protein is squandered to restore energy reserves. All the rules are fairly simple and easy to remember.

Getty image

Count all the products that we use for the whole day is quite difficult, besides it takes a long time. But professionals are engaged in this, because they know how the correct calculations affect the growth of muscle mass. Nutrition in bodybuilding – a very important point that should be given a large amount of time and effort to achieve the best results.
Feeding for weight gain

The weight for each athlete plays a crucial role. Because the weight of the athlete was at the proper level, you need food to gain weight. Strictly adhering to such rules, the athlete gains the necessary weight. Based on the weight of the athlete, there are many factors. For example, the weight category in which he falls.

In order to gain weight, there is a whole range of measures. The most important and generally fundamental, is considered proper nutrition. After all, you can eat a lot, but the weight will not be typed, but you can eat slightly, but the necessary food. In that case, it’s very cool to gain weight. There are basic foods for weight gain. These include mainly foods in which there is a lot of protein ( eggs , fish, cottage cheese , sour cream, milk).

It is important to consume a certain amount of carbohydrates. They are divided into slow and fast. To slow are-tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, olives, boiled potatoes, eggs. To fast – honey, sugar, jam, bread, pastries, confectionery. If you make the right diet, with the right amount of substances for weight gain, then it will not be difficult to get it.

Getty image

But unfortunately, not all people manage to gain weight solely due to proper nutrition. Some begin to resort to sports nutrition . Sports nutrition for muscle mass is widely distributed among athletes of all levels, from conventional amateurs to high-level professionals. At the heart of sports nutrition is a large number of those same proteins and carbohydrates. In contrast to ordinary food, they contain a large number. This is what allows you to gain weight quickly enough. The plus of sports nutrition is that every athlete can take it safely, as it is not banned by any organization, and has not the slightest relation to doping.

Sports nutrition has a huge number of types:
protein (the most common, among all types of nutrition, the basis is protein);
geyner (contains a complex of carbohydrates and substances that allow you to gain directly the common muscle mass, is widely distributed among professional athletes);
all kinds of vitamins, such as BCAA.

There is a possibility that sports nutrition will negatively affect your health, stomach upset may occur. This rarely happens, it happens to anyone who has problems with the digestive system. Creatine (monohydrate) is not recommended for people with diseased kidneys, since it makes them load. Therefore, before starting the course of its use, you should consult a doctor. Before buying sports nutrition, read the reviews on the forums on bodybuilding, about the quality and effect of taking one or another sports supplement.

Bro Split Workout Routine And Top 6 Exercise To Build Muscle

What you will learn in this article is fully backed by science, and should not be overlooked if you are serious about making continuous gains in the gym.

This article will not only deliver on that promise, but it will help you get into the best shape of your life.

I have designed a full training program that has proven to work time after time, and year after year.

What Is A Bro Split?

A typical bro split will have you dividing all the major muscle groups up, and training each muscle once a week on its own day.

Let’s take a look at a typical weekly plan

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – Back

Wednesday – Shoulders

Thursday – Legs

Friday – Arms (Triceps and Biceps)

Saturday – Day Off

Sunday – Day Off

However, not everyone has 5 or 6 days free to train each week, so the bro split is often adapted. Check out our 4-day workout split and push/pull/legs articles to see how.

Below is a typical 4 day a week bro split:

Monday – Chest/Biceps

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday – Day Off

Thursday – Shoulders

Friday – Back/Triceps

Saturday – Day Off

Sunday – Day Off

Although we have had to group biceps and triceps with another muscle group, you will notice there is still a common theme.

That is, that each muscle group is still only being trained once a week, and this is exactly what defines the bro split.

What Is High-Frequency Training

There are many variations of high-frequency training, but the underlining concept is exactly the same. High-frequency training means you are working a muscle group more than once a week.

Here are a few ways in which you can set up a high-frequency program:

Option 1 – Train the entire body in one session and repeat the session again 2 or 3 times more during the week

Option 2 – Train only one or two muscle groups a session, but repeat these sessions again during the week.

Option 3 – Train just one muscle group multiple times but everything else just once. This third option is actually a mixture of both the bro split and high-frequency training and is an excellent short term method for bringing up weaker body parts. 

Bro Split Vs High-Frequency Training

It seems like in the modern era of training, more and more gym-goers lean towards high-frequency training.

Is this because it’s easier to make the program look all fancy with bells and whistles, therefore making it easier to sell or because someones favourite new aged Instagram model trying to sell them something is insisting that’s how he or she trains.

Truth be told I’m not sure.

Now please don’t get me wrong, a high-frequency training plan that is programmed properly can be very effective, however, you can probably guess from my tone that I’m not an advocate.

In my opinion and years of experience, a well-structured bro split will yield far greater results when it comes to building muscle

However, this isn’t just my opinion, it’s heavily back by science.

This study looks at the relationship between training volume, training intensity and training frequency when it comes to building muscle.

It shows that the level of intensity and amount of volume in a training session is far more important than the frequency in which you train a muscle group.

Research has shown time after time that unless you are a complete beginner, following a well put together bro split will give much greater results as it allows your muscles to experience proper overload with adequate recovery time.

So if the science heavily backs training a muscle group just once a week, why are so many new and advanced lifters taking up the high-frequency approach?

Bro Split Common Mistakes

The issue has nothing to do with the actual workout split itself. The issue lies in how badly so many people actually program it.

And the reason so many supposed fitness experts, Instagram models and magazine sponsored bodybuilders give such crappy bro split programs to their clients and fans is because simple isn’t sexy.

Let’s take a look at all the crappy things you might find programmed into a bro split.
Most of these poorly designed programs include advanced overload technique. This isn’t the issue and they actually have their place, however, the programs don’t just include them, they litter them all throughout the program without a single thought as to actually why they are including them. Overusing these overload techniques can quickly lead to overtraining and wiping out your nervous system.
Next on the list is the sheer volume of reps included in these programs. I’m talking 100s and 100s of reps in a single session. Your body can seriously only take so much.
The final mistake made when programing a bro split is the overuse of isolation exercises. The main reason for this is because it’s much easier to achieve the famous pump feeling using isolation exercises then it is with compound exercises.

If you have been given a bro split routine including any of the above, then you will be severely impacting your bodies ability to build muscle.

So my tip to you is please don’t give up on the bro split just because of poor programming.

A well structured and thought out bro split having you focus on big compound movements and progressive overload along with the right amount of sets and reps, will 100% give you better gains in muscle than any other training split over the long term.

How To Program A Successful Bro Split

The training principles I am going to share with you now, I have shared on so many other articles. Why? Because these training principles work.

If you’re serious about building muscle using a 5 day split workout routine, then follow the guidelines below.

1.  These are back by science and year of applying them to my client’s programs.
2.  For optimal results train 5 days a week
3.  A training session should last no longer than an hour, but ideally, be closer to the 45-minute mark.
4.  Train only one large muscle group per session. For example, do not train legs and chest on the same           day.
5.  It’s okay to train a smaller muscle group with a large one. For example, Chest and Biceps.
6.  90% of your program should be made up using large compound exercises.
7.  Train mostly in the 4 to 6 rep range. There will be some exceptions where you will be training in the 8        t o 10 rep range.
8.  You will complete just 9 to 12 sets per training session.
9.  Rest between 2 to 5 minutes between sets
10. Take one full week away from weight training every 8 to 10 weeks.

The 6 Best Compound Exercises For Building Muscle

These 6 exercises below will create by far the most amount of overload on your muscles. Basically, if you want to build muscle mass more efficiently, then include them in your program.



Bench Press

Military Press

Bent-Over Row


Your 5 Day Split Training Program

Below is how you are going to split the muscle groups up over the week

Monday – Shoulders

Tuesday – Back

Wednesday – Chest

Thursday – Legs/Calves

Friday – Arms

Saturday – Day Off

Sunday – Day Off

Monday – Shoulders

Exercise 1 – Military Barbell Press (standing)
Warm-Up (BFG Muscle Style)
Number of Sets – 2
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 2 – Seated Dumbbell Press
Number of Sets – 2
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 3 – Barbell Upright Row
Number of Sets – 2
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 4 – Bench Rear Delt flyes
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 8 to 10 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 8 reps with on your first set but no more than 10 reps. If you achieve 10 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 3 minutes between each set

Tuesday – Back

Exercise 1 – Deadlifts
Warm-Up (BFG Muscle Style)
Number of Sets – 2
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 2 – Pull-UP (overhand grip)
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible) (done using a weighted chain around your waist)
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 3 – Bent Over Barbell Row
Number of Sets – 2
Number ofReps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 4 – Single-Arm Dumbbell Row
Number of Sets – 2 per arm
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 3 minutes between each set
Wednesday – Chest

Exercise 1 – Flat Barbell Bench Press
Warm-Up (BFG Muscle Style)
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 2 – Incline Barbell Bench Press
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 3 – Incline Dumbbell Press
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set
Thursday – Legs

Exercise 1 – Squats
Warm-Up (BFG Muscle Style)
Number of Sets – 2
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Unless you have a spotter or the arms set up in the perfect place inside a power rack, you do not need to go to failure on this exercise. Due to the number of muscles involved, you will get a massive anabolic response creating a huge amount of overload just from getting close to failure. Pick a weight you could probably get 1 or 2 more reps with if you carried on)
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 2 – 45 Degree Leg Press
Number of Sets – 2
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible)
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 3 – Power Lunges
Number of Sets – 2
Number of Reps – 8 to 10 per leg (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 8 reps with on your first set but no more than 10 reps. If you achieve 10 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 4 – Romanian Deadlifts
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 3 minutes between each set

Exercise 4 – Standing Calf Raises
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 4 to 6 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 4 reps with on your first set but no more than 6 reps. If you achieve 6 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 3 minutes between each set
Friday – Arms

Exercise 1a – Barbell Bicep Curls
Warm-Up (BFG Muscle Style)
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 8 to 10 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 8 reps with on your first set but no more than 10 reps. If you achieve 10 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Superset With

Exercise 1b – Lying Overhead Extensions
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 8 to 10 (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 8 reps with on your first set but no more than 10 reps. If you achieve 10 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

SuperSet With

Exercise – Dumbbell Twist Curls
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 8 to 10 per leg (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 8 reps with on your first set but no more than 10 reps. If you achieve 10 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 5 minutes between each set

Exercise 4 – Cable Push Downs
Number of Sets – 3
Number of Reps – 8 to 10 per leg (Aim to select a weight you can achieve at least 8 reps with on your first set but no more than 10 reps. If you achieve 10 reps then you need to move the weight up by the smallest amount possible).
Rest – 2 to 3 minutes between each set
Using Progressive Overload

When it comes to making continuous gains in the gym, progressive overload is the most important factor. If progressive overload is not present, you will stop seeing improvements in both muscle size and strength very quickly.

The reason, the training principles we use here at BFG Muscle work so well is because they naturally enforce progressive overload.

Using our principles, you know you have to move the weight up as soon as you hit the top end of the rep range. This is exactly what progressive overload is.

It’s also important to mention that hitting plateaus are inevitable. However, there are ways to help minimise them.

1. Every 4 to 6 weeks make just a small change to the program.
2. You could swap the order of exercises around in a training session
3.  Swap just one exercise out for a new one
4.  Change the order of muscle groups across the week

Best 5 Day Split Workout Routine Key Takeaways

1.  Listen to the research when it comes to training frequency. Intensity and volume are much more                 important than the frequency in which you train a muscle group.
2. There is no split more effective than the bro split (if programmed properly) when it comes to building         muscle.
3.  Focus 90% of your training on heavy compound movements like the deadlift, squats, bench press and         military press.
4. Limit the number of isolation exercises and high rep training.

Tell me what you think 

In the comments below let me know what you think about on the list. Do you like them, do you hate them? If you enjoyed this content and would like to keep it close to you at any time. Or even better, are there any other you believe would do a much better job?

US President Joe Biden Inauguration

1. Biden Takes Oath, Begins Reversing Policy

At 11 minutes before the constitutionally appointed time yesterday, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was sworn in as the 46th president, along with Kamala Harris, who became America's first female and non-white VP, in the most peaceful transition possible two weeks after the deadly Capitol assault intended to prevent it. Protected by thousands of troops, Biden denounced the “uncivil war,” appealed for unity and declared that “democracy has prevailed.” At the White House, Biden began undoing President Donald Trump’s legacy, signing orders to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, mandating that masks be worn on federal property, stopping the country’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization and halting construction of Trump’s border wall.

Sources: NYT, NPR, Reuters

2. Trump Says Goodbye and ‘Have a Good Life’

Silenced on Twitter and isolated by most of Washington, President Trump made a low-key exit. Leaving the White House around 8 a.m., he held a mini-rally at Joint Base Andrews before boarding Air Force One for Florida. “We’ve accomplished so much,” he said, listing the appointment of three Supreme Court justices, a strong pre-pandemic economy and rapid vaccine development. Trump, who President Biden said had left a “generous” letter in the Oval Office desk, wished the “new administration great luck and great success” — enabled by his good work. He promised, “We will be back in some form.”

Sources: ABC, PBS, Fox News

3. Britain Isn’t Giving EU Envoy Ambassador Status

Brexit may not actually be over. Brussels is upset because U.K. officials aren’t affording its envoy, João Vale de Almeida, full diplomatic privileges and immunities, treating him as a representative of an international body, not a national ambassador. EU envoys are treated as ambassadors in 142 other countries, but European officials fear some of them may follow London’s example. But Vale de Almeida may as well take a number: Hauling firms are rejecting U.K. business over increased import taxes, and musicians including Elton John and Ed Sheeran are protesting London’s refusal to negotiate visa-free European travel.

Sources: BBC, The Guardian, AP

4. Pfizer Cutback Alarms Italians, Germans

It’s no time to be stingy. At least that’s what officials from Rome to Hamburg are saying about Pfizer, which unexpectedly restricted European supplies of the COVID-19 vaccine it developed with Germany’s BioNTech. Those administering vaccines were pleased to discover a five-dose vial could be stretched to six doses, but Pfizer, which hasn’t addressed the complaints, cut vial shipments to reflect that. Now inoculators are coming up short, and they want their bonus doses back. The controversy’s also reached Canada, where Ontario Premier Doug Ford says Pfizer’s CEO should be chased “with a firecracker.”

Sources: WSJ (sub), Al Jazeera, Yahoo News

5. Also Important …

World leaders are expressing hopes of better U.S. relations now that Donald Trump is no longer president. The violent far-right Proud Boys are now mocking Trump as a “total failure.” And jailed dissident Alexei Navalny has released a report charging Russian President Vladimir Putin has created a $1.4 billion palace for himself.

6. Inauguration Afterparty

Not sure what to make of this moment in history? Catch up now on the 2021 Inauguration Aftershow, brought to you by OZY and The Carlos Watson Show. Dive into important questions about the country's future: Is national unity possible or a pipe dream? Would four parties be better than two? Join Carlos and special guests Megyn Kelly, Patti Solis Doyle, Joy Villa, Jon Fortt and more — plus panels of the general public on all sides of the aisle for a frank and honest discussion you won't find anywhere else.Watch now.


1. Of Course You Know Who Amanda Gorman Is

Not many people knew America even had a youth poet laureate. But at a critical moment in U.S. history, 22-year-old Gorman, the first to fill that role, let everyone know. Her spirited recitation at President Biden’s inauguration of “The Hill We Climb” — penned partly during the Capitol riot — captured a wounded nation’s imagination as she declared, “The new dawn blooms as we free it.” It’s also a proud moment here: Gorman was an OZY Media Genius Award recipient who created a virtual reality museum where young people’s accomplishments could inspire the world. Today Gorman herself is doing just that.

Sources: New Yorker, Vanity Fair

2. Should Facebook Police Child Abuse?

Privacy might be hurting them. The social network had been scanning messages for images of sexual abuse until it said it stopped to comply with EU privacy rules. But one British children’s protection group argues that those regulations aren’t even finalized, and stopping is enabling abusers. While other online giants said “the only responsible approach” is to continue to scan for abuse, Facebook has emphasized its “pivot to privacy” — which child advocates say indicates that business decisions, rather than regulatory worries, prompted the change. Facebook maintains it still has tools to detect abuse.

Sources: The Guardian

Tell Us: Do you think that online privacy outweighs law enforcement when it comes to child abuse? Reply to this email with your first name, last initial and city or state and we may share your view in the PDB.

3. She Survived the War on Democracy

Aside from the anticipation of affirming the Electoral College’s votes, Jan. 6 “was a normal day,” writes Lisa Quigley, chief of staff for Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee, for OZY. What followed was a seven-hour lockdown and “total security meltdown” that included a friend texting to ask if the group had a gun. “No, but we have a banjo!” Cooper offered, as staffers barricaded the door and armed themselves with heavy books. They were lucky, and despite the long ordeal, Quigley remained at the Capitol until 3:45 a.m. to see the democratic process, bowed but not broken, fulfilled.

Sources: OZY

4. Stars, Fireworks and Poetry Celebrate America’s Transition

Yesterday’s inauguration was packed with a star-studded tribute to America’s symbolic rebirth under a new president. Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks sang during the Capitol ceremony before the prime-time “Celebrating America” event emceed by Tom Hanks. It featured a host of entertainers including John Legend, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Justin Timberlake and Jon Bon Jovi, and ended with Katy Perry singing “Firework” by rockets’ red glare. Critics lauded its opening: Bruce Springsteen singing “Land of Hope and Dreams” at the Lincoln Memorial. “Tomorrow there'll be sunshine,” he sang, “and all this darkness past.”

Sources: THR, Rolling Stone, Esquire

5. When Is a GOAT Not the Greatest of All Time?

Just ask the old GOATs. Cristiano Ronaldo can now say he’s history’s greatest soccer scorer after netting his 760th career goal yesterday for Juventus. That puts him one up on Czech legend Josef Bican. But it’s not so simple, old-timers say. Bican’s 759 total excludes 27 for lower-level teams, plus there’s a data gap in 1952. And there are Brazilians Romário and Pelé, with 772 and 767, respectively, who claim more than 1,000 goals each. There’s also the issue of official vs. exhibition goals — so maybe we should just measure the most caveats for records claimed.

Sources: Sky Sports, BBC

Tell me what you think

In the comments below let me know what you think about on the list. Do you like them, do you hate them? Or even better, are there any other you believe would do a much better job?

US President Joe Biden Daily Dose

Today’s Daily Dose explores how the 46th president will govern. 

When Joe Biden told the world on Inauguration Day that he’d fight just as hard for those who voted for him as those who did not, it raised a few eyebrows. When he strode into his old White House haunts and immediately signed 17 executive orders undoing key Donald Trump policies and ticking through Democratic Party goals on the environment, immigration, the census and more, a few heads started spinning. How exactly is this unity thing going to work? How will Biden apply it to world affairs? 

Reaching those 74 million

Can Biden actually win over those who voted for Trump?

1. What That Number Is Not

Some want to define all 74 million Trump voters as MAGA-touting, QAnon-believing insurrectionists willing to storm the Capitol. But reality is more complicated. Many voted as much against Biden as for Trump, and perhaps half of Republicans believe the rigged election nonsense. When people paint all 74 million with the same brush, they play right into extremists’ talking points — making their influence, and existence, seem much bigger than it actually is. But if Biden were to target them, nothing draws converts to a radical cause more than martyrdom. As journalist Megyn Kelly put it on Wednesday’s special live episode of The Carlos Watson Show, calls from the left to strip degrees or disbar figures like Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley is “the crazy type of lunacy we should be avoiding.”

2. Balancing the Base

But Biden’s backers will insist their president not go chasing down the rabbit holes of Midwestern diners in search of Trump voters: They’ll argue Dems won and they should act like it rather than caricatures of meek lefties. There is a risk here if Biden is seen as trying too hard to win over Republicans that his base will feel left behind. Then again, Trump spent his entire presidency playing only to his hardcore supporters, which didn’t work out too well in the end. Unity is not so easy to come by.

3. Make a Difference

How? Focus intensely on legislation with direct impact. The Trump years showed voters care less about ideology than the perception that their leaders are fighting for them. The feeling that the government doesn’t work for us dominated the anti-establishment politics in both parties. Democrats promised that a Biden presidency would be meaningfully different from Trump’s. If Biden only passes politically safe, tepid policies that make little difference, Democrats can say goodbye to Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024.

4. Which Means Getting Bold

Notice no mention of whether laws are labeled “progressive” or “moderate.” Biden can push for popular reforms like decriminalizing marijuana. Pass paid family leave, universal pre-K and subsidized day care: Are any parents, liberal or conservative, really going to be upset with that? People forget price tags quickly if their taxes are truly improving their lives. The keys are “direct impact” and “popular.” You could well see more stimulus checks, criminal justice reform, infrastructure investment, affordable college and affordable health care — even Medicare for All could fit the bill. Meanwhile, there are pitfalls to initiatives like student loan forgiveness (supported in small doses, but inevitably both elitist and inequitable) and defunding the police, a trendy slogan neither popular nor positive in practice.

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Expectation games

Don’t assume you know what’s about to happen.

1. On the Agenda

“Go for it,” is what Megyn Kelly would tell Biden, as the former Fox News host said on our election aftershow: Anyone “who wants a ‘Kumbaya’ moment is probably a Republican trying to slow down your agenda or limit it.” Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., said she’s feeling “hopeful,” and though she doesn’t expect to agree with Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on everything, “I’m going to give them a chance. And even when I disagree, I’m not going to disagree readily.” But for conservative activist Grover Norquist, there’s already a mountain of disagreements on labor policy and more: “While he talks about unity … on the big-ticket items, [he’s] strictly partisan.”

2. Why Not More Broken Norms?

Given the norm-shattering “abnormal presidency ” of Trump, combined with Senate Republicans changing the rules to allow Supreme Court justices to avoid the filibuster, many Democrats are dreaming big with their return to power. They likely won’t be able to line up 60 Senate votes for a Biden climate plan to reach zero emissions by 2050 or a new Voting Rights Act in honor of the late Rep. John Lewis, but Democrats could elect to change the rules to pass them with their narrow majority.

3. From the Stone

The fall of the filibuster is far from guaranteed, though, as some worry about pulling a sword that could be turned against them by Republicans someday. Moderate Democrat Joe Manchin (pictured), now the critical swing vote on most Senate bills, has signaled he would refuse to end it. The West Virginian likely could only be swayed if Republicans embrace total obstructionism and block legislation near and dear to his heart, which means the GOP will have to tread carefully while respecting the Democrat’s wishes.

4. Manchin on a Mission

What Manchin will use his genie lamp for isn’t clear yet. He will hold tremendous power to drive cross-party agenda items, such as long-imagined infrastructure injections, opioid addiction aid, prescription drug pricing reforms and increased support for rural hospitals. If he wants to get bold, Manchin, who keeps photographs of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims in his office, could revive modest gun safety reforms he couldn’t pass in 2013. Smaller procedural shifts, such as a rule change to let every bipartisan bill in committee see a Senate floor vote, would help him codify the bipartisanship he so often promotes.

5. No Relief Guaranteed

Don’t max out your credit card assuming $1,400 stimulus checks are in the bag. Democrats now say it could take until March to pass a COVID relief bill. That’s problematic because even if Democrats use budget reconciliation to pass the $1.9 trillion Biden proposal with a bare majority, they will still need Manchin, whose initial gut reaction was that he would “absolutely” oppose another round of checks unless they were narrowly targeted. While he more recently suggested support for a third check, another month is an awfully long time politically.

6. Soak the Rich?

Democrats were universally opposed to Trump’s biggest legislative achievement: the 2017 tax cuts. Biden says he wants to undo them for those who earn above $400,000, as well as corporations, heirs and wealthy investors. But getting it done is going to be complicated, and there’s a question of how much political capital Democrats want to spend on tax hikes during a period of high unemployment.

Source: The Filipino Times

Top 100 Unique Baby Names For Girls And Boys

      Image: iStock

Do you adore Gwyneth Paltrow’s, the American actress, choice of the unique name Apple and want something similar for your child as well? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going the non-traditional route while looking for your child’s name. After all, the name will stay with your child from infancy to old age.

Unique does not have to be ridiculous, outrageous, and unfashionable. There are plenty of strikingly beautiful names that haven’t made their way to the masses.

We, at MomJunction, have made the job of name hunting slightly easier for you. We have sifted through the latest U.S. Social Security Administration data and picked the most beautiful and unique baby names for you. Read on!

Unique Girl Names:

1. Aislinn:

A beautiful Irish name, meaning ‘dream’, this name has several variations like Ashlynn or Ashlyn. We like original one the best, though.

2. Aitana:

Aitana, the name of a Spanish mountain, was used for the first time by Rafael Alberti, the poet. But it was popularized via Aitana Sanchez Gijan, the famous Spanish actress.

3. Alianna:

Alianna is a rhythmic and lilting name that has slowly, but steadily begun to catch with the English speaking communities. This lovely variation of Eliana means ‘my God has answered’.

4. Amya:

Amya is the name of a small village in Syria, but you can use it as a variation of Amaya or Amy. It currently ranks #903 in Social Security Administration list.

5. Ariadne:

Ariadne is the lesser-known form of the name Ariana. Besides, it’s also the name of the Cretan goddess of fertility. We think it would make a great pick for parents looking for a classic, yet uncommon name.

6. Astrid:

This moniker has been a royal name in Scandinavia since the 10th century, but never really assimilated in the American states. Astrid means ‘divinely beautiful’.

7. Audrina:

This name owes its fame to Audrina Partridge, the reality television sensation. It’s a variation of Audrey and means ‘noble strength’.

8. Azariah:

Azariah is a melodious Biblical name, meaning ‘helped by God’. You can also opt for its variation Azaria.

9. Bryleigh:

This one combines the traditional names Brynn and Ryleigh. It has always been in the top 1000 names but never surpassed the 841st spot.

10. Cadence:

Sophisticated, yet unique, this name is derived from a musical term, a rhythmic pattern indicating the end of a phrase.

11. Celeste:

A soft and pretty name with heavenly overtones, Celeste means ‘heavenly’. This unique baby girl name has been on the top 1000 list since the 1880 and currently ranks at 499.

12. Charlize:

This unique name for baby girls owes its life to the elegant South African actress Charlize Theron. It’s basically a feminization of Charles and means ‘free man’.

13. Cora:

This moniker gained popularity via the British television series, “Downton Abbey”. The character bearing this name is both headstrong and beautiful; all you want your daughter to be. It’s also associated with the mythical daughter of Zeus, the Greek god.

14. Cordelia:

Cordelia would appeal to parents who want an old-fashioned name that has style and substance as well. This Celtic name means ‘daughter of the sea’.

15. Dalary:

Before 2013, this name was unheard of. It was in this year Larry Hernandez, the singer and star of the reality show, named his daughter Dalary.

16. Dulce:

Dulce is a modern Spanish and Portuguese name, referring to “Dulce Nombre de Maria” – the name of the Virgin Mary. It also shares an association with Dulce Marian, Mexican songwriter, and singer. Dulce means ‘sweet’.

17. Esther:

This name, meaning ‘star’ is one of the significant figures in the Old Testament. Esther was one of the top 50 names around a hundred years ago but is used sparsely now.

18. Esmeralda:

Esmeralda is Spanish or Portuguese name, meaning ‘emerald’. Ryan Gosling recently chose this name for his daughter. We’re sure your daughter will gush about it, forever.

19. Ember:

Short, fiery, and sassy, this moniker would be a perfect match for your little girl. You can use it as a short form of Emberly or as an alternative to the familiar Amber.

20. Emmaline:

Emmaline is the relative of Emma and a cousin of Emily and means ‘work’. This name hopped on the top 1000 list in 2014 for the first time, and it’s destined for greater use.

21. Faye:

An addition of ‘e’ at the end makes the commonplace name Fay look and sound unique and beautiful. This lovely English name means ‘fairy’.

22. Hadley:

This name is most famous for its association with Ernest Hemingway’s first wife. Meaning ‘heather field’, this name is more professional, sophisticated and modern than its cousins Haley, Hayden, and Harley.

23. Hattie:

Hattie is one of those nicknames that have become even more popular than its original name, Harriet. It was in its glory at the end of the 19th century but isn’t used much now. So we believe it will make a different pick.

24. Haven:

This name would appeal to parents who do not want to travel as far as Heaven. It came into the mainstream when Jessica Alba chose it for her daughter.

25. Janiya:

Janiya is probably an elaborate version of the name Jane. Or it’s derived from the Hebrew name Jania, which means ‘from Jana’.

26. Juniper:

Some of you may find this Bohemian name a bit unusual, but we think it’s super cool. Juniper is a fresh feeling and energetic nature inspired name with several associations.

27. Kaiya:

Kaiya is the spelling variation of the name of Kaia and Kaya. It’s never ranked higher than 652 and is currently at its lowest. But we believe it will bounce back soon.

28. Kensington:

This place name has a number of references. There are cities of this name in South Africa, Canada, and Australia. You can use Kenzie as its nickname.

29. Kenzie:

Kenzie is a fresh and energetic short form of Mackenzie. It has started to be polished up for a new generation of children by parents who find Mackenzie stuffy.

30. Kimora:

Kimora Lee Simmons, the African-Asian model, brought this moniker into the eyes of the public. You can use this name in place of the outdated Kim.

31. Landry:

This name, meaning ‘ruler’ is being used for both boys and girls. But the ‘y’ ending makes this name sound feminine.

32. Leia:

Here’s a name brought into the spotlight via the Star Wars movie. Your daughter will realize the worth of this name during her teenage when she’ll get associated with the princess.

33. Libby:

For decades, or maybe centuries, Beth, Lizzy, and Betty were nicknames for Elizabeth. But today, bubbly and modern Libby is being used by the parents.

34. Liv:

Liv Tyler, a renowned actress, popularized this Norse name meaning ‘life’, in America.

35. Nia:

Nia is short but substantial and energetic. It’s usually considered a short form of Antonia, but is a standalone name in the African regions, where it means ‘resolve’.

36. Ophelia:

This beautiful name would forever be associated with the tragic heroine of Hamlet. But it has a beautiful meaning (help), which many people overlook.

37. Paola:

The exotic sound of this Italian and Spanish variation of Paula makes it more appealing than the original. Paola Suárez, the Argentinian tennis player, would be its most famous bearer.

38. Penny:

Mid-century names, which were once considered too quaint for our tastes have now begun to resurface, primarily because of the American and British television series. This zesty moniker, which is originally a diminutive of Penelope, featured in “Big Bang Theory”.

39. Perla:

Perla is the Spanish variation of Pearl. This moniker would make an excellent choice for parents who do not like the grandmotherly vibe in the name Pearl.

40. Sariyah:

This variation of Sarah has begun to gain some traction lately. In fact, it’s been a part of the top 1000 list for more than a decade.

41. Tabitha:

Tabitha may not be as popular as the name of her mother Samantha, but it has its magical charm. This Aramaic name means ‘gazelle’.

42. Tatiana:

This long favorite of the Russians has started to catch on with the Americans as well. As a Latin family name, Tatiana carries a touch of the exotic. It is derived from Titus, the name of the ancient Sabine king.

43. Tatum:

This distinctive, strong and energetic name is recommended for babies with congenial last names. It was once a unisex name but is now used exclusively for girls. Tatum means ‘Tate’s homestead’.
44. Taya:

This Japanese name, meaning ‘young’ has made into the mainstream, perhaps because of its similarity between Kaya and Maya. It’s also associated with Taya Smith, the Australian singer.

45. Tinley:

This trendy name fits well with the ‘inley’ ending names likes Kinley, Brinley, and Finley. And it isn’t even used frequently, which explains its spot at the end of the list.

 46. Veda:

Even though it has religious resonance, Veda has made a strong place for itself as a modern name. It has two initials, a sharp V initial, and an ‘a’ ending.

47. Winter:

Warm names are now beginning to be eclipsed with names with a chill factor. And to be honest, this name sounds much more refreshing than the warmer ones. Gretchen Mol, Sea Parker, and Nicole Ritchie named their daughters Winter.

48. Yaritza:

This elaboration of Yara is used greatly in Spanish and Portuguese countries. It means ‘butterfly’.

49. Zaylee:

Perhaps, one of the unique names of all the baby girl names, this carefree name could work well as a substitute for Hayley or Kaylee.

50. Zion:

This Biblical place name has taken off for both boys and girls, with boys lagging behind a little. It feels uplifting because of its Z beginning.
Unique Boy Names:

51. Abdiel:

In the Bible, Abdiel was the name of the ancient prophet who could withstand Satan. This name means ‘servant of God’.

52. Apollo:

The ever-growing popularity of sci-fi movies and fantasy books has made a strong influence on the Gen-ex parents. Apollo, the name of the Greek god and the space shuttle could make a great choice for your son.

53. Arlo:

Arlo is short, sweet, unique, easy to spell, and sound extremely cool. It probably originated as a nickname for Carlos or Marlow. Arlo will also balance out a long last name.

54. Atlas:

Gwen Stefani is not the only one following the trend of naming children after the Greek mythology. Several parents are opting for the names of Greek gods and goddesses. But Atlas is a unique name.

55. Atticus:

This one’s for parents who like names with literary and historical significance. This name refers to Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Atticus means ‘from Attica’.

56. Bodhi:

More and more parents are turning towards names with uplifting meaning. One such name is Bodhi, which means ‘awakening or enlightenment’. Even Megan Fox named her son Bodhi.

57. Brody:

A perfect example of bad meanings to good names, this not-so-common name currently sits at the 105th spot.

58. Deangelo:

This unique baby boy name could either mean ‘son of Angelo’ or ‘from the angel’. It is associated with D’Angelo, the American singer, and songwriter.

59. Deshawn:

In this modern invented name, the prefix ‘De’ indicates ‘son of’. So technically, this name means son of Shawn or Sean. DeShawn Stevenson, the former professional basketball player, is its namesake.

60. Eliseo:

This Latin name is facing no problem in fitting in the American classroom. It made frequent appearances on the top 1000 list but never made it past 800.

61. Eugene:

This old-timey name is not used much these days. So you can consider this name if you want to pay tribute to anyone in your family named Eugene. It means ‘well-born’.

62. Fletcher:

Here’s another surname that has made to the list of first names. Meaning ‘maker of arrows’, Fletcher is used well in New Zealand, and only in New Zealand. So grab it before it becomes common.

63. Gage:

This one goes well with the craze for one syllable name. Gage may mean ‘oath or pledge’, but it’s also associated with mathematical gauge and gage plums.

64. Gunner:

This macho name came into the forefront when Brandon Flowers used it for his son. You can use the spelling Gunnar to make it sound less militaristic.

65. Jabari:

This cool and attractive African name has distinguished representatives in literature and sports. One of its namesakes is Jabari Price, the American NFL football player.

66. Jagger:

Celebrities are the ultimate standard for finding weird and unique names for your children. For instance, Joe Don Rooney chose the name Jagger for his son.
67. Jaxton:

Of late, we are seeing video game influence on the baby name choice as well. Jaxton, (Merrat Jaxton) would make an uncommon alternative to Jackson and Jaxon. And it was popular enough to be on the 409th spot last year.
68. Jayvion:

This one has a little bit of J, a little bit of V, and an ending with –ion, everything that you need to make a name unique.

69. Jett:

The name of the dark black gemstone can make a potential moniker for your son.

70. Juelz:

Juelz, the masculine form of the name Jules shares its association with Juelz Santana, the stage name of Louis James, the American rapper, and actor.

71. Justus:

This New Testament name would make an unusual alternative to Justin or Justice. There have been several notable saints bearing this name, which means ‘just’.

72. Kash:

Besides being our guilty pleasure, reality television has also become a source of trendy baby names. Here, we’re referring to Kash Kade Biermann, the son of reality star Kim Zolciak and football player Kroy Biermann.

73. Kashton:

This modern name is perhaps a combination of Kash and Ashton. What do you think? This moniker made its first appearance on the SSA list last year.

74. Kayson:

It’s believed that this moniker popped up when the popularity of Jason began to fall. And it was quite popular when it was coined, but is now seldom used by parents.
75. Kellen:

A name that’s Irish in spirit and German in origin, Kellen means ‘swamp or slender’.

76. Konnor:

Some creative spellings of a name work and some don’t. This one belongs to the former category. Not much used, but sounds pleasing and usable.

77. Leighton:

This English moniker, meaning ‘meadow town’ started as girls’ name, but is now catching on with the boys.

78. Malaki:

This one’s a variation of Malachi, the biblical name. Both the variations have to be pronounced with a long ‘I’. Malaki means ‘my messenger’.

79. Melvin:

This respectable English and Scottish surname was once the most, but it’s out of focus now. This moniker means ‘council protector’.

80. Nash:

This English surname puts in the stem with the current trendy names like Ash, Cash, and Dash. It came into prominence via the portrayal of the character Nash Bridges by Don Johnson. Nash means ‘by the ash tree’.

81. Niko:

You can view Niko as a diminutive of Nikolaos or as an exotic and unusual spelling of Nico. Either way, it’s a winner. Niko means ‘victory of the people’.

82. Nixon:

People have been using last names as first names since the ancient times. And it’s on the rise again, especially when it involves last names of politicians (President Richard Nixon). Nixon means ‘son of Nicholas’.

83. Oakley:

This name is chic, cool, and trend-setting, just like your son would be. Once used mainly for girls, Oakley made a sharp rise for males last year. It means ‘oak wood or clearing’.

84. Oswaldo:

You must be familiar with Oswald, but we’re sure you haven’t heard Oswaldo, the Spanish of Oswald.

85. Otis:

This German name, meaning ‘wealthy’ would make a sweet name for your little boy. We love this name for its catchy ‘O’ beginning and its combination of spunk and strength.

86. Reed:

A sleek and elegant name that would suit everyone, from a sculptor to a banker and it’s here that the charm lies. Reed means ‘red-haired’.

87. Rey:

This Spanish word for ‘king’ could make a short and sweet name for your daughter. You can also use it for your baby girl. Remember “Star Wars” movie?

88. Ridge:

This is one of our most favorite nature inspired names. And it’s fairly uncommon too! It reentered the popularity list for the first time last year since 1989.

89. Rocco:

We feel that this name shares the quirky appeal of names like Hugo and Bruno. And Madonna glamorized this name when she chose it for her son. Rocco means ‘rest’.

90. Rodolfo:

This name is in no way related to the name Rudolf. It’s a Spanish name, meaning ‘bold wolf’.

91. Rogelio:

Rogelio is a Spanish variation of Roger and means ‘famous spearman’. You can shorten it to Rodge for the nickname.

92. Rory:

Traditionally of Irish descent, Rory means ‘red king’. It’s traditionally a name for boys but is being used for girls as well.

93. Ryker:

This name would appeal to parents who want a trendy, Ry starting name for their sons. This German name means ‘rich’.

94. Sage:

From the peppery to fragrant, herb name is the perfect way to add zest to your child’s life. Sage is a short and strong herb name, meaning ‘wise and knowing’.

95. Sutton:

This swanky sounding, two syllable name means ‘from the southern homestead’.

96. Tate:

Tate is a strong, single-syllable name with a ‘cheerful’ meaning. It hovered in the top 400 list for past five years, but never really made an impact on parents.

97. Todd:

Todd is one of the most stylish and masculine animal-inspired names. Meaning ‘fox’, Todd is given to relatively few baby boys these days. So go for it!

98. Quentin:

An offbeat name with loads of character, relating to number five, Quentin is the subtlest and the most usable numerical name for your son.

99. Yahya:

Yahya is a Persian, Arabic, and Turkish name for prophet John, the Baptist. It made its appearance on the top 1000 list just last year.

100. Zaire:

Zaire is an extremely attractive and wearable place name for your son. This place was the Central African state for over two decades.

These names are original, yet unique. So which of these names appealed to you the most? Tell us by in the comment section below!

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