Girls like hot guys that is the fact. But what defines who is hot and who is not? There are a lot of things that are up to form a sassy image, and the hairstyle is undoubtedly one of them. As you may have already guessed that is going to be the topic of our today’s survey. We will have a look at what styles and cuts are the most popular these days and what you should better take into consideration when heading to your hair stylist’s next. Rest assured; there are lots of men’s haircut styles to be considered and to be inspired by that is why you will surely find the one that suits you most!

Men’s haircuts are as versatile as women’s. That is why when you decide to get a new haircut there are lots of things to take into consideration and lots of men’s hairstyles to browse. But if you are looking for something super sassy and extremely easy to take care of – super short hair is what you need. What is more, that is rarely a chance that such a cut won’t suit you! Another plus it is great to get through the summer heat.

Some cuts seem never to get old but to get a fresh twist from time to time. Short cuts with high fades are back in town, and they are on the edge of popularity these days. If you do not trust us – just look through the social networks, they will prove us right! The variations of fades are many, and it is up to you to choose your perfect one. The boys with the least time to spend on their hair choose the highest fade possible but with the top left a little longer to be still fashionable.

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Playing around with medium hair is tricky even for women, but if you decide to take the pain of taking care of your hair, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a try. There are so many ways to play around with texture and style if your hair is medium. Be it a fade combined with a gorgeous messy mane or a sleek combed-back ‘do – the effect is still ravishing. One thing is for sure, a guy with medium hair is rarely to be unnoticed.

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Boys with bangs are totally hot! What is more, it does not take that long to grow a proper mane out. Besides, no matter coarse or fine your hair is you can surely rock this style up. Just a little bit of your favorite hair product will do its job, and all that is left for you is to keep the side shorter. If your hair is all curly – do not worry, sporting a bang will suit you too. Do not be afraid of experimentation!

There is nothing sexier than a man is running his hand through his gorgeous mane! That is why to become a master of seduction all you need to do is to grow your hair out a little. Once it is long enough to experiment with you can either let it go wild or tame in an elegant and sleek manner. In either case, you will look astonishing anywhere you go!

Getting back to your origins is trendy these days. That is why every fashionable man wants to look like a real Viking! Not to mention the fact that ladies are head over heels about such trendy brutality. That is why you should not be afraid to involve some decorations into your cut, be it an undercut or just a little-outgrown hair. Tattoos are spicing things up considerably, but they are optional since any haircut of the described will turn any girl on. Try it on, and you surely won’t regret it!

Being a real man is totally a thing these days. And what does the real man wear? Of course a beard! That is why next time you are going to get your hair done do not leave your beard out, a little fashionable trimming will add that manly touch to any look. Life is too short to spend it without experimentation!

Every babe will tell you that a blonde hair color plus a guy equals trouble. And by trouble we mean a super hot man who is capable of making her heart race even online! The magic of the blonde color knows no limits!

Who says that men cannot rock curls? If you have naturally curly hair, just stop trying to smooth out those locks! Rock them with confidence and believe us, your girlfriend will destroy every babe looking at you!

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Fundamental Boxing Tips for Beginners

Boxing seems to be a not so complicated sport, but believe me, it is more than just throwing punches. It requires coordination, balance, endurance, strength, well-performed punches and proper footwork. Plus, it is not just about attacking the opponent but mainly about defense.
Hence, you should not only train your body but your mind as well. But with the right type of workouts and continuous practice, you can get good results.
Here are some basic boxing tips for beginners.

Boxing For Beginners Advice

1. Throw Light but Sharp Punches

An unfortunate mistake of beginners is that they want to hit the heavy bagwith full strength.
If you want to punch with power, you will only use the strength of your arm and shoulder muscles, that seems to be OK, but instead you should use your body to throw the punch. That way you will be able to strike much bigger. For this, your body should be relaxed. Try punching with tight muscles and with loosening muscles. You will feel the difference.
Also, if all your punches are the level of the maximum, you will not have any energy to train long. Your boxing training time will not be long enough. If you get out of breath after 1 minute that will get you nowhere.
Watch the video below to learn why your body is so important.

2. Shorter Combos

As you are a beginner, there is no need to do complex combinations. 3-4 punch combos will do. As you get better, you can add more punches to your combos. It is better to be good at 4-5 combination types than doing a lot of badly-performed ones.

3. Be Hydrated

No matter if you hit the bag at home or spare with an opponent, always drink plenty of water. A good boxing practice is tough, and you sweat like mad, so you have to refill yourself to be hydrated. If you are dehydrated, you will not have the energy to train.

4. Learn, Learn, Learn

If you go to a boxing gym, get in touch with others and ask for advice. Watch how the best boxers train and “steal” their best movements. Also, there are tons of materials online from which you can learn. The more boxing tricks and techniques you know, the better since you will see and understand your weaknesses.

5. Correct Breathing Technique

Do not hold your breath! Do not forget you should exhale when you punch. The right breathing technique while training is crucial to have energy for the whole workout. Plus, you can handle the body hits reaching you better as well. If you are totally out of breath, inform your trainer and have time to calm down.

6. Keep You Head Up

Many beginners look on the floor while they punch the bag or spare. Big mistake! How do you know where your opponent is and what he is doing if you cannot see him?

7. Get Harder Workouts Gradually

As with all other sports, you should start slowly and increase the length and hardness of your boxing training gradually. If you push yourself to the limit from the first days, you will get tired fast both mentally and physically. Your body and mind need time to get used to this type of workout. You do not want to quit after a month, do you?

8. Proper Boxing Stance

No matter if you hit the punching bag or fight with someone always keep the proper stance. This state will help you to throw more powerful punches and support the defense. Also, it provides better stability, flexibility, mobility and balance.

correct boxing stance
Boxing stance for beginners | Credit:

9. Hand High & Elbows Low

If you watch a match, you can see fighters lowering their arms, but since you are a beginner, you should not do that yet. Always keep your hands high and your elbows low, close to your body. Keep this position even if you punch a heavy bag. Also, keep your chin down.
Watch the video to learn proper position.

10. Keep Hitting

If you spare with someone or you punch a heavy bag keep hitting no matter what. Your opponent should know you are a not a quieter.

11. Be Focused

In the ring, there is no time to lose your focus. Your opponent waits for that one second when you do not focus to knock you out. When you hit the bag imagine you are fighting with someone, and keep focusing as if you are in a real fight.

12. Throw Body Punches

Do not only train for hitting the head. Hit the body of your opponent from every angle. As it is said,

13. Keep Your Opponent Wondering What Your Next Punch Will Be
If you always throw the same punches and combos, your opponent will quickly find the way to protect himself and find your weaknesses. So, keep them guessing. This way he will also get tired in mind sooner or later and lose his focus.

14. Footwork

Good footwork is vital for defensive and offensive reasons. It is as important as the correct ways to punch. During sparring or heavy bag training always move but keep the proper boxing form. Have your ever seen fighters standing in front of each other during the who match? I guess you haven’t. It is one of the most important boxing techniques for beginners that you have to learn.
Here are 10 useful boxing footwork tips

15. Have Fun

I have tried several sports in my life, but none of them makes me so excited as boxing. I know I’m not going to be a fighter, but this type of exercise has helped me a lot to release stress and boost my endurance. As with everything, do not take it too seriously unless you want to be the next Tyson. Of course, you should give your best while training, but do not make it boring.
These are just a few boxing tips for beginners, but maybe they are the most important ones. As you develop both mentally and physically, and the various techniques come naturally, you will be able to pick more professional technical skills in boxing. Just keep in mind that boxing is just like any other sport, you should practice, practice and practice. If you want to train at home, look around on this website to find reviews of boxing at home equipment.

How to Start Working Out (If You Basically Haven’t Moved Since Halloween)

Top Moves to Lose Saddlebags for Good

If you’re like most of us, the only saddlebags you want to see are at the ranch. Unfortunately, as we age, it gets harder and harder to keep those pesky saddlebags from creeping up around our hips, belly, butt, and thighs. While your first instinct might be to hit the gym, you’ll never see results as long as you’re carrying extra fat over your muscles. So, be sure to pair regular exercise with a nutritious and clean diet to blast saddlebags for good! 

1. Side-Lying Leg Raises

Targets: Glutes and hip abductors

Start by lying down on your side, with your head propped up on your bottom arm. Slowly raise your upper leg straight up, being careful to keep your hips aligned. Lower your leg and repeat. Aim for 3 sets of 15 for each leg.

2. Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

Targets: Thighs and Glutes

Begin by lying on your right side, arm folded and placed directly underneath the shoulder. Bottom leg should be extended out straight and the top leg crossed over the leg on the bottom. Raise the extended leg up and down. Aim for 3 sets of 12-15 per leg.
3. Squats

Targets:Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Inner and Outer Thighs

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and arms out in front of you. Slowly bend the knees, keeping the chest open and the head over the hips. Once you are in a sitting position, push with the heels to begin to a starting position. Aim for 3 sets of 10 to begin.

4. Side Lunges

Targets: Glutes, hamstrings, hip adductors, and quads

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and your arms out in front of you. Step out to the side with one leg, while bending the knees into a squatting position. Be sure to keep your spine straight, creating a line from your neck to your tailbone. Return to standing position and repeat with the other side. Aim for 3 sets of 10 per side.

5. Step-Ups

Targets: Quads and hamstrings

Begin by standing before a small step or bench. The higher the step, the more intense the exercise will be. Step up with one leg, and follow with the other. You should now be standing with both feet on the step. Step down with the same foot you began with and repeat, beginning with the other leg first. Aim for 3 sets of 12-15 per leg.

6. Bridges

Targets: Glutes

Start by lying on your back. Slide your feet up so that your ankles are below your knees and your feet are flat on the floor. Squeeze your butt muscles as your raise your hips toward the ceiling. Hold for a count of 3 and return your hips to the floor.Aim for 3 sets of 12-15.

7. Planks

Targets: All Core Muscles

Begin by lying on your stomach with your hands placed, palms down, below your shoulders. Slowly push yourself up so that your weight is on your forearms and toes. Maintain a straight line from your neck through your legs. Hold for 30 seconds and release back to the floor. Aim for 3 sets.

8. Curtsy Lunges

Targets: Inner thighs and the glute medius, a smaller butt muscle. Helps to stabilize hips and improve posture.

Mix up your exercise routines and engage in high intensity full body workouts, like this Fat-Blasting HIIT Workout to increase the amount of fat burned per workout.

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Health benefits of laurel sheet

This plant treats diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and insomnia

These days, many people are dealing with many types of diseases. One disease among these diseases can include cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, insomnia and so on. Although sometimes we don’t know what is the cause of these problems we want to remove them. So, you can consult your doctor who can give expert advice, and also some drugs that can help us treat that disease. But not everyone is a great fan of doctors and hospitals. It can as well be that some do not have the money to buy drugs.

What can we do about this? We have some great news. It’s that there is a natural remedy which is powerful as well as effective with dealing with many different health issues. We can take this sheet wherever we go and it can give us many health benefits. Have you ever heard of the bay leaf? Well, that is the remedy that can help you. Most of the people know it as seasoning food. But, it is as well great in the field of heath, because it contains minerals and vitamins that are very crucial for our overall basic good health.

This is a small tree that is native to the Mediterranean region, but due to the changing climates, their natural growth had been shrunken. This plant has been part of people’s cousins for a thousand of years. The Italian add the whole leaves so some specific dishes and after that, they remove them or they use them as a decoration, although the leaves are not consumed. People usually use it as a spice to stews and soups. Many other plants remind us of this one, although they do not contain the same nutritional values. In addition, this leaf is powerful in fighting against some diseases. It also helps in fighting diabetes, insomnia, cholesterol as well as blood pressure. Also, bay leaf has other benefits.

The bay leaf is a great spice to flavor our meals as well. It is very useful in natural medicine as well. Thus, in case you want to know what other benefits this leaf has, read below to find out. The bay leaf helps in fighting: fluid retention, depression, distension in the abdomen, insomnia, gas problems, sciatic nerve pains, otitis, snoring, cutaneous infections, muscular exhaustion, urethritis, arthritis, headaches, cystitis, lack of energy and weakness, premenstrual syndrome, spasms. But, how are these benefits used? One way is to make a laurel (scientific name) leaf tea which can improve your health by offering its benefits.

How to make the tea?

a cup of water,
30 grams of dry bay leafs


Boil some water and add the leaves, than continue boiling for a few more minutes. Then, turn off the stove, cover the pot, and let it stay like that until the tea is cold. At the end, filter the tea and put it into a cup. This shall be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, as well as before bed. For a better taste, use natural sweetener. But it is better to drink it without a sweetener. Enjoy the tea as well as its benefits.