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Oviva Bring Digital Diabetes Treatment To Europe

Oviva Series B press release UK Jan 2020

Oviva, the health tech startup that provides a digital solution for Type 2 diabetes treatment in Europe, has raised $21 million in Series B funding.

Leading the round is MTIP, with participation by new investor Earlybird, and existing investors AlbionVC, F-Prime Capital, Eight Roads Ventures and Partech.

Oviva says the new capital will be used to further develop its technology, and continue expanding in Europe to serve more patients not able to currently aaccess treatment. It brings the total raised by Oviva to date to $34 million.

Claiming to have treated 90,000 patients in the last three years across the U.K., Germany, France, Switzerland and the UAE, Oviva offers an “evidence-based” digital solution to stop the progression of and reverse Type 2 diabetes and obesity-related conditions. Patients receive tailored nutrition advice and personalised coaching via their phone, at lower costs and better outcomes compared to face-to-face therapy, says the startup.

“With your consent, your doctor sends Oviva your diagnosis, relevant lab reports, background and contact details,” explains Oviva co-founder and CEO Kai Eberhardt. “We then contact you, either directly to ask you to download our app or via phone, onboard you and initiate treatment. You are then treated typically for four to nine months, depending on your condition and local reimbursement. After that time you can continue, paying yourself, or get another referral (typically annually, as our behaviour-change treatment is recommended in most guidelines each year and reimbursement is provided each year)”.

Eberhardt says that in most of the countries Oviva currently operates in, it is the patients’ health insurance that pays for the service, and in the U.K. the NHS pays for access. “Typically for patients to access our treatment requires a doctors’ prescription,” he says. “Most referrals are made by the patient’s general practitioner, or in some cases also specialists, e.g, an endocrinologist. A typical scenario is that the patient’s doctor makes a referral when they are diagnosed, or as part of a regular check up for their chronic condition”.

Once Oviva has been sent the patient “goal,” such as losing weight, better blood sugar control etc., and the patient has been on-boarded, they start logging anything that is important related to their lifestyle and disease. This includes photos of meals, activity, weight and symptoms. They can also connect a step counter, weight scale or blood glucose meter to the app to complete most of the data collection automatically.

“You will agree specific behaviours you want to change over the course of the treatment with your dietitian (e.g. more vegetables and fruits, portion control, activity levels),” says Eberhardt. “Your dietitian and a group of peers will support you in achieving those goals. On the one hand that is motivation and emotional support, on the other hand with specific pointers targeted to your needs, e.g. around how you time meals and portion sizes over the day to avoid lows or hunger periods”.

Over the course of treatment, a patient can also have video-call appointments with their dietitian, and review a curriculum of videos and other content supporting the management of their condition, as part of a “behaviour change journey”.

Meanwhile, Christoph Ruedig, Partner at AlbionVC, says that despite compelling evidence that digital treatments improve patient access and outcomes while reducing costs for health systems, “Europe is investing a fraction” in digital health compared to the U.S. “We’re excited to continue to support Oviva’s accelerated roll out across Europe,” he says.

Ideal Liver Cleaning Drinks

Liver is the biggest body organ in our body.

Have you Tried Detoxifying your Body? - HTV
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Anything that you eat or your body intakes, it needs to go with the detoxing procedure.

Out Liver attempts really hard to get rid of as much poisonous substances as feasible before passing it to the complying with level.

Its key function is to clean your body and also create chemicals as well as enzymes that help preserve wellness.

When regular feature of your liver gets interrupted, you begin seeing signs and symptoms such as fatty Liver, raised cholesterol levels, elevated triglyceride degrees, disturbed SGOT as well as SGPT degrees.

Amongst the common reason you liver comes to be slow over a time period is due to over use of Medicines, Alcohol as well as additionally Smoking cigarettes.

Even the usual anti-biotic that you take has to go using the detoxing procedure.

Right here's what happens ...

When you consume an Anti-biotic for cold, the medication at first gets to the liver. Liver afterwards attempts its perfect to squash the damaging outcomes of anti-biotics. The remaining component is after that passed to your body, this is furthermore called first pass influence.

Throughout the above treatment the liver cells are damaged, therefore over a period of time it happens to establish.

As well as if it's left neglected, the liver tends to swell and this is where fatty liver starts.

So, if for one reason or another you have in fact decided to deal with fatty liver, the condition keeps intensifying in addition to breakthroughs from Stage I to Phase II and also after that at some time creating Cirrhosis (Irreparable trouble).

Minimizing the prolonged story short, enable's see how we can reverse the liver damage in addition to detoxify our body using several of one of the most reliable detox drinks for liver.

Parsley & Celery Juice

Celery Juice for Digestion and Bloat: Why Your Gut Loves This ...
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Parsleys and also Celery's are loaded with Effective anti-oxidants such as Flavonoids, carotenoids, Vitamins and also Minerals important for healthy mobile function.

Research study exposes that intake of Parsley helps to fight cost-free radicals (1 ).

When the toughness of Parsley is incorporated with the goodness of Celery, it comes to be an effective detoxification drink.

Allow's take a peek at the elements required to make this detoxification beverage.

5 Mugs of Simple water 6 Stems of Celery Half a mug reduced Parsley 4 Tablespoon lemon juice Cut mint leaves

When you have the above active ingredients helpful merely abide by the below directions.

Place all the active ingredients in the blender, mix it thoroughly. Remove the Juice in addition to eat it empty belly every early morning Ginger & Lemon Water.

Ginger consists of a key element described as Gingerol, a chemical substance that supplies Anti-inflammatory as well as Anti-Oxidant residential properties to ginger (2 ).

Ginger works by reinforcing the digestion system.

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Research on ginger advises that intake of Ginger powder before a dish considerably decreased the minute called for to take in food i.e. around 50% faster (3 ).

On the various other Hand similar to Ginger, Lemon likewise works by taking care of the gastrointestinal problems.

Lemon juice is laxative and also it's frequently utilized as an early morning beverage to deal with bowel abnormality along with ease food digestion.

Furthermore, Lemons are acidic but it has an alkalizing effect on your body.

So, when we incorporate Lemon as well as ginger it ends up being a reliable medicine for numerous problems.

Permit's take a peek at the ingredients required to make this potent detoxifier.

Half Inch Ginger 2 tablespoon Lemon juice

Below's the fast Instruction to make this beverage ...

Take a glass of water Essence the Juice from Ginger Mix the ginger as well as lemon juice include some sliced mint leaves.

Consume this water once daily.

Coriander along with Lemon water

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Coriander leaves are alkaline as well as taken into consideration as a very food for taking care of problems like Extreme weight as well as liver disorders.

Consuming coriander fallen leave drink once daily can have a favorable influence on those that are suffering from Fatty liver.

Additionally as your Liver wellness boosts, your skin top quality also has obvious improvements.

Research research recommends that coriander fallen leave remove has a positive antioxidant task on your skin as well as fights skin aging (4 ).

Lastly, this potent beverage is furthermore recognized to eliminate cancer cells along with totally complimentary radicals in your body.

So when we combine all the advantages of Coriander with powerful Lemon juice, it ends up being a powerful fat heater and additionally a remarkable liver cleaning beverage.

Allow's have a look at the energetic components called for to make this powerful liver cleanser.

A handful of Coriander leaves3 tbsp lemon juice half a glass water.

When you have these components prepared, consist of below active components to the mixer.

Half a glass water Coriander leaves Lemon Juice

Mix it thoroughly, get rid of the juice in addition to have this drink

Turmeric Liver cleaning beverage.

10 Reasons to Drink Warm Turmeric Water Every Morning
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Turmeric extract's are being taken advantage of because old time as well as is thought about to be non-toxic as well as an effective option for lots of standard medicines mostly because of positive influence on different systems of the body (5 ).

In addition, Turmeric contains a key element known as Curcumin which uses turmeric it's anti-inflammatory top quality (6 ).

Curcumin additionally assists to remove Joint swelling, swelling along with deal with different metabolic problems (7 ).

When we specify combating swelling, turmeric remove is recognized to fight inflammation at the mobile level.

Finally, Turmeric repairs the metabolic procedure consequently alleviating the bunches from your effort liver.

What this recommends is that weight issues is also maintained in check.

To make your own detox and also weight management drink right below are the energetic components you will absolutely require.

Fifty percent tablespoon. Turmeric half inch grated ginger2 tbsp Lemon juice half a glass water

Comply with these Directions to make your liver cleaning beverage ...

Steam the water as well as include turmeric complied with by ginger to it let the water amazing down add Lemon juice Stir it well.

Have this beverage prior to bed for finest outcomes.

Organic Matcha Eco-friendly Tea

Organic Matcha - Matcha Factory
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Matcha Environment-friendly Tea is understood to fight and also reverse damages induced by free radicals.

Looks into performed on computer mice exposes that Eco-friendly Matcha Tea significantly aided to turn around the damage caused by cost-free radicals (7 ).

Also, to include consisting of Matcha green tea in your diet aids to prevent mobile damage in addition to decreases the danger of countless chronic conditions (8 ).

Utilizing Organic Environment-friendly Matcha tea is basic as there are just 2 energetic components needed i.e. Water and Environment-friendly Matcha Powder.

To make this liver cleansing beverage, simply vapor the water, pour water in the mug. In addition to add one tsp green Matcha tea

Mix it well as well as also consume this tea.

Dandelion origin tea.

Top 10 Benefits of Dandelion Tea | Organic Facts
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This is the second-rate alternative after the eco-friendly Matcha tea.

Dandelion beginnings are extremely healthy as it's loaded with nutrients required for healthy mobile attribute.

Dandelion origins and also blossoms are recognized to include high quantity of Beta-Carotene, an anti-oxidant that aids to guard mobile damage brought on by Oxidative stress and anxiety (9 ).

Additionally, much like its various other equivalents over Dandelion origins are additionally comprehended to have anti-inflammatory high qualities. This additionally provides Dandelion tea anti-Obesity properties.

Research studies carried out in Computer system mice shows that Dandelions can minimize swelling, this consists of lung swellings (10 ).

In addition, It aids to balance your Vata, Pitta along with Kapha for that reason working as an effective detox drink that aids you reduce weight along with flush pollutants from your body.

If you intend to detox your body, just replace your regular coffee OR Tea with this effective detoxifier.

Dandelion Tea aids to fight free radicals as well as additionally remove impurities accumulated in your liver.

To consume this detox tea I recommend utilizing the tea bag as in this fashion you have the correct and optimal dose.

You can obtain your Dandelion tea right here ...

Tips to Clean your liver much faster

How to Improve Liver Function Naturally - Holistic Kenko
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When you make use of any type of one of the above solutions, try to do Intermittent fasting, suggested is 12 hr fasting. Consume alcohol a minimum of 2-3 litres water, as there is absolutely nothing suitable than a simple alkaline water to cleanse your bodytry doing Coffee Shot or Simple water injection to quicken the detoxification procedure. Include tons of environment-friendly cruciferous veggies ion your diet program, as they are identified to regenerate the liver cells. Stay clear of Family pet products such as meat, Milk and Butter. Opt for half an hour's walk on a daily basis to see noticeable end results.