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Obama's "earthquake on Israel"

Obama's "earthquake on Israel"


President Obama may have given up on Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said Jackson Diehl, but he hasn't given up on accelarating the timetable for a Palentinian statehood.

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Obama  is now considering triggering "an earthquake" in US-Israel relations by submitting to the UN a resolution declaring Palentine a State. 

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The resolution, which has already been drafted but has not been publicy released, "would probably stipulate that Palentine's territory be based on Israel's pre-1967 border", with some land swaps in the Western Bank for existing Jewish settlements. 

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Jerusalem would be declared the capital of both nations. But the US would also stipulate theat Israel remain "the homeland of the Jewish people" - concessions that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has refused to make.
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 "Why go forward wiht a text that both sides would spurn?" Obama hopes it would win unanimous support from the Security Council and stand as a framework for a future settlement years from now.

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  Being remembered by history as "the grandfather" of that breakthrough would give Obama "the Middle East legacy he has craved since his first day in office".

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