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Stay away from 'witches' and 'sorcerers', police tells UAE residents

Stay away from 'witches' and 'sorcerers', police tells UAE residents

ADP initiative to combat witchcraft, sorcery benefits 54,000 people

Department of Community Police at the Abu Dhabi Police conducted an outreach programme to raise public awareness about the negative effects of witchcraft and sorcery. This comes as a part of the department’s plan to combat the scourge of such hoaxes and to spread security awareness within the community.

Major Yusuf Faraj Al Hassan, Head of Community Awareness at the Department of Community Police, said: “Over the course of a month, about 54,000 people benefited from the programme through their interactions with the various divisions of Community Police and with our external partners.”

Should anyone encounter someone who practices sorcery, Major Yusuf urged public to cooperate by reporting such fraudsters via Aman service (8002626).

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