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Killer needs Dh2.7m to avert execution

Victim’s relatives demand Dh5m diya

From 24/7

A 23-year-old Saudi on the death row for killing another man during a fight needs to pay SR2.7 million (Dh2.7 million) to escape execution after the victim’s relatives agreed to pardon him in exchange for diya (blood money).

Mohammed Al Shareef was sentenced to death a few years after he was convicted of killing another Saudi during a scuffle in the northwestern town of Tabuk.

The victim’s family then demanded SR5 million diya to pardon the defendant, prompting the judge to give the killer’s relatives one year to raise the funds.

Shareef’s father, quoted by Sabq newspaper, said they had raised SR2.3 million, adding that only a couple of months are left from the deadline.

“We appeal for all benevolent people to donate money so we can pay the diya and save the life of our son,” he said.

Under Islamic law, a killer can walk free if pardoned by the victim’s family in return for diya, which is officially set in Saudi Arabia at SR300,000 for a Muslim victim. But the victim’s relatives are allowed to demand any sum.

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