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Train Containing 300 Tonnes Of Nazi Gold

Train Containing 300 Tonnes Of Nazi Gold Allegedly Found In Poland

From Tread Viral

We’ll believe it when we see it but according to the Polish media, two men have made the find of a lifetime in an armoured Nazi train full of gold, gems and guns.

Reports suggest that the two men are demanding 10% of the overall value of the contents they’ve found on this train, which is said to have disappeared at the end of the Second World War. It does raise the question, ‘how does anybody ever manage to lose a huge train for such a long period of time?’ Losing your car keys or your marbles is one thing, a train packed with over $1 billion worth of gold, that’s another thing entirely.

Local folklore confirms that a train is said to have gone missing at the end of WWII, near Ksiaz castle, which is close to what is now the modern city of Wroclaw.

The men took their claim to the local law office in Walbrzych and fair play to them because if this is true, I’m sure many of us would’ve taken that gold for ourselves without a whisper to the authorities.

The train is said to be up to 150 metres long, with gun turrets running along its side – if you include the 300 tonnes of gold said to be inside – the suspicious disappearance seems all the more unbelievable. People have searched for this train before and up ’til now, all have been fruitless.

I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on this story as it unfolds.

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