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21 Stars Then And Now

21 Stars Then And Now

Today it can be difficult to tell someones age and even more when we are talking about celebrities. Take a look on these 21 celebrities and decide if they have aged well or not.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Gym don’t help anymore

2. Can you recognize Goldie Hawn

3. Pierce Brosnan – now without mustache

4. Barbara Walters

5. Pamela Anderson

6. Madonna

7. Clint Eastwood – With the same hair…almost

8. Bono – we can’t recognize him, what about you?

9.Oprah Winfrey – she looks the same as before what you think?

10. No way that this is Axl Rose

11. Dolly Parton

12. It’s Tom Cruise but who is that guy on the left?

13. Jack Nicholson

14. Which one from these three is Lindsay Lohan?

15. Joe Pesci

16. Liza Minnelli

17. George Clooney – Does he look better now or before?

18. Geena Davis

19. Beautiful Nicole Kidman

20. Alec Baldwin – he just put few pounds on

21. Kirstie Alley – From black and thin to the blond and extra pounds


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