Erap to Duterte: “He just copied it from me,The difference between us is he doesn’t have the finesse,”

Former President, and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada urged presidential aspirant Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte a self-proclaimed “chickboy” to at least show more finesse in dealing with women.
In an article written by Shiela Crisostomo in PhilStar,Estrada said that while “I have finesse when it comes to that” in dealing with women.
“My life is an open book and I never hide anything… you (have to) respect women,” Estrada said.
The tough-talking Mayor Rodrigo Duterte admitted having two wives and two girlfriends in public events.
“He just copied it from me, even in terms of chicks (girls).  Estrada said.
Estrada added,Duterte is a “local” who is not fit to run as President.
“I think he is just for local (politics) where he can bully his constituencies. It’s really different in nationalpolitics,” Estrada said.
“It’s very local. If you are running for president, you should have finesse. He is just copying me but I have finesse,” he jested.
Estrada also said that Vice President Binay enjoys top preference among the presidential candidates despite many issues raised against him.
“Many cases have been thrown at Vice President Binay, but he remained on top. I respect Mar having been one of my best Cabinet members. He was responsible for the proliferation of call centers in our country,” Estrada said, referring to administration and Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas.