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Your life without leptin

Hey Guys


Today my inbox was flooded from guys all around the world who reached out to me about their fitness story...

And everytime I hear from you, I get truly inspired...

That's why I'm going to be honest with you right now, because it is important when it comes to the motivation you need to make the change in your life.

The #1 struggle that I see from guys like you across the world is... losing belly fat.

So I wanted to share some important fat burning info with you, that will allow you to finally tackle this issue.

You've heard me mention leptin in the past, but although leptin has been referred to as human’s obesity hormone when the levels of it are too low... It’s scientifically our starvation hormone because eating less actually affects it.

Now more specifically, leptin (in the presentation above) is a protein that is made in our fat cells. It goes throughout our body, and eventually ends up in your brain.

When everything is going normal in your body, leptin tells your brain to perform normal fat burning, to give you normal energy to exercise, and to have a normal appetite. However, that is if you were born with right leptin levels that aren’t damaged.

And not only do your leptin levels drop when you eat less… your body also goes into starvation mode.

And starvation mode will not only cause you to get extremely hungry and crave foods like sugars, sweets and fried foods, but it will also cause you to hold onto FAT… and this is why dieting can go wrong very fast.

One more thing before I go… I want to share a quote from an expert on leptin from the Endocrine Society's Obesity Task Force.

Dr. Lustig said, "When your leptin levels are low, food is even more rewarding. When your leptin levels are high, that's supposed to extinguish the reward system so that you don't need to eat so much..."

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