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Fire Guts Olympic Stadium, Thousands Reported Dead

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Fire Guts Olympic Stadium, Thousands Reported Dead

National Disaster Management Authority says 1,206 people have been reported dead in at least 2,165 injured Military Rescue and medical teams currently on site

Portions of the Maracan√£ Stadium in Rio de Janeiro which is the main venues for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games have been consumed by fire in what the Local Organising Committee is treating as arson.

Category 1 section which was packed by thousands of spectators went up in flames around 10 a.m.
More than 420 firefighters from the Military Firefighters Corps (Corpo de Bombeiros Militar) were at the disaster scene to battle the blaze.

The timely intervention by the Firefighters Corps prevented the fire from razing down the entire stadium as the fire was spreading at an alarming rate.

The countries affected have not yet been communicated to the media but reporters on ground have confirmed several games were ongoing and some athletes are believed to have perished.

Thousands of spectators who were in the stadium panicked creating the stampede that killed thousands of people and several others injured. Emergency service is still counting the number of casualties
The Fire Department is working with the Police to bring the situation under control. The toll is expected to rise looking the extent of the damage.

Mayor of Rio who rushed to the scene told reporters preliminary evidence at the scene suggests a deliberate attempt to set the stadium ablaze.

No arrest has been made yet.

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