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Pres. Duterte Nangangamba Para Sa Kaligtasan

Pres. Duterte nangangamba para sa kaligtasan ng mga anak lalo na para kay "Baste"

President Rodrigo Duterte is unfazed by threats against his life but is worried for his youngest son, Sebastian or more popularly known "Baste."

Duterte admitted that he is a little concerned about Baste's safety due to threats brought by the government's intensified campaign against illegal drugs and an all-out war against the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

"Nakakatakot lang rin. Ako, Inday, pati sila (Paolo), kaya na nila (Presidential Security Group) yan. Sebastian medyo malikot ito, pasyal ng pasyal. But otherwise, we can defend ourselves [It is a bit scary. Me, Inday Sara, Paolo, they (PSG) can secure us. Sebastian is more restless, he keeps on travelling. But otherwise, we can defend ourselves.]," the president told reporters Friday. 

Inday Sara, currently pregnant with triplets, is Davao City's mayor while Paolo is the city's vice mayor. 

The 71-year old firebrand said PSG personnel have also been deployed to secure his youngest daughter, Veronica "Kitty" Duterte.

The president's revelation came after reports surfaced that his eldest son Paolo has requested for additional security for his immediate family.

"That should put us on full alert now, but reprisals are nothing new to us," said Duterte.

Despite security threats, Duterte clarified that he has no intentions of "lessening his schedules outside MalacaƱang."

"Ako, I can walk where I want to go...I live the way I want, I work the way I must," he added.

Duterte is also confident that the PSG can efficiently secure him, as they have "always been around, whether he liked it or not."

Duterte said his habit of going near his supporters to chat with them has been always been his "norm as a politician," but underscored that he has to sacrifice this routine after winning the May 2016 polls.

"When you are already a president, everything changes. You cannot have your cake and eat it too," the president said.

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