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Presidential daughter Kitty Duterte burns basher on IG

Nagtratrabaho ang tatay ko, at may sweldo siya
Presidential daughter Veronica "Kitty" Duterte hit back at basher after she was questioned if her expenses when she traveled to Russia to accompany her father for an official visit is paid using taxpayer's money.
Last month, Kitty uploaded a photo of her taken in her Russian trip on Instagram and it receives thousands of likes and positive comments from her follower, but one netizen replied a sarcastic comment to her post.
Kitty loses her cool after she saw the comment and told basher(@leslieocal) that the money they spent with her mother Honeylet, is not from the taxpayers but from his father's fruit of labor and hardwork.
"The President had an important business there. he was working and we went with him. nagtratrabaho siya at may sweldo. kapal mo," Kitty replied @leslieocal.
But still Leslie is not contented, she lambasted Kitty Duterte because of her candid response against her, noting that Davao city mayor Inday Sara and her mother Elizabeth Zimmerman should be the one who accompanied the President instead of her and her mother.
She even labeled the mother of Kitty a "mistress" despite the fact that the President was already annulled with his former wife Zimmerman a long time ago before her father, Duterte met her mom.
But the Presidential daughter did not let the basher win the social war and she responded with a profanity-laced tirade defending her family especially her mother.
Although there are some who lauded Kitty the way she deal with her basher, there are also other netizens who advised her to speak in a nice way and to stop using profanity words, pointing that she was a daughter of the highest official in the land, Philippines.

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