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Kim Kardashian on love diet

Kim Kardashian on love diet; gains weight due to Kanye West

Socialite plans to sheds 12kgs

Whoever sang 'Love don't cost a thing' must re-write the lyrics 'coz Kim Kardashian is paying a big price for falling head over heels in love with Kanye West.

The reality TV star and socialite has reportedly gained 12kgs since the time she started dating rapper Kanye West. Now that's an unusual side effect of love literally overflowing in a relationship.

Kim has gone two dress size up (from 8 to 12) since she began dating Kanye earlier this year. Though she denies it and claims to have lost 2.5 kgs in the past few days, her images narrate a different story.

She blogged: “I've lost about 6lbs so I wanted to wear something very Miami and fun, sexy and tight out to dinner with my boyfriend! But not a typical short tight dress."

We guess Kim is trying too hard to convince herself she is still retains the famous hourglass figure.

Kim, 31, has also slowed down her hardcore exercise regime and prefers to skip gym in order to spend some cozy time with Kanye.
Earlier this month, the curvy 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star - who previously worked out twice a day with a personal trainer - admitted she was hoping to shed some weight after relaxing her diet and fitness routine.
But hold on, lover boy Kanye West is not complaining - he loves every extra inch of her.

Kanye is very open about his curvy girl and he has referred to her 'feminine form' in his songs.

So the reality star is basking in the warmth of all the attention that she is receiving from her boyfriend and his devotion through songs.

His relaxed attitude has rubbed off on Kim and how!

Kim till now has earned her fame all thanks to her curvaceous figure and swimsuit pictures.

So, what will happen to the constant fodder her derriere pictures provide to the media and the paparazzi if she continues adding more to her loving self?
We hope Kim does not forget that her 'figure' is her means of livelihood and taking a long holiday from her strict exercise regime is not really the way to go on if she plans to remain in the limelight.

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