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‘The Walking Dead’

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘You’re Gonna Have to Kill Him’

Warning: This recap for the “Spend” episode of The Walking Dead contains storyline and character spoilers.

The Alexandrians, old and new, rack up a pair of losses, and though we might be mourning only one of them, both deaths are going to contribute to all H-E-double hockey sticks breaking loose in the community as we head into the final two episodes of Season 5.

R.I.P. Noah… See Ya, Aiden

Aiden, the guy you just knew was going to get someone killed? He did — again, as it turns out. He, Nicholas, Glenn, Tara, Eugene, and Noah head out on a supply run, in desperate need of some parts to repair a failing power grid system in Alexandria. They find the goods in a large warehouse, but also find a horde of walkers trapped behind a gate.

One breaks free, and when Aiden unleashes gunfire at it, he hits a grenade the uniformed walker is carrying. The explosion impales Aiden onto some warehouse fixtures, and when the others try to rescue him, the swarm of walkers (who were freed during the explosion) force them to flee, and Aiden is eaten alive.

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While Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas — who revealed he and Aiden had abandoned the people they said they had lost when they took Glenn, Noah, and Tara on the practice supply run in “Remember” — try to get out of the building through a revolving door, they get trapped by the pack of walkers. Eugene, who has escaped with an injured Tara, drives up in the gang’s van, honking the horn and blaring music to lure the walkers away from the guys so they can escape, but while Nicholas makes it out, Noah is pulled out of the doors by the roamers, and Glenn can only look on as Noah is eaten alive and, in one of the most harsh deaths of the series, his face is chomped off.

Meanwhile, Nicholas continues his record of unblemished cowardice by trying to steal the van and leave without Glenn and Eugene, but Glenn, Eugene, Tara, and the weasel all load in and head back to home base to share the news about the crushing loss of Noah. Oh, and Aiden’s dead, too.

Carol and Sam

Carol and her cookie pal, Sam, meet again when she finds him inside her house. He was just looking for some cookies, he says, and after trying to blow him off, she agrees to teach him how to make them if he’ll swipe some chocolate from the town pantry. He returns with the pilfered sweets, and asks Carol why she was stealing the guns when he walked in on her last week.

When she tells him they’re for protection, he asks if he can have one, and that sends Carol on a trip to Sam’s home, where a drunken, rude Pete leads her to the conclusion that Sam’s family is being abused by Pete. Carol, who knows how badly out of control that situation can spiral, tells Rick (who clearly was having those suspicions himself while he’s been crushin’ on Sam’s mom Jessie), and she sums up for Rick where that storyline is heading: “You’re gonna have to kill him.”

Gabriel, Father Weasel

Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel. The episode opens with him in despair inside the town’s church, tearing pages out of his Bible. The episode ends with him paying a visit to Deanna, where he tries to warn her that Rick and company are going to destroy Alexandria.

“Satan, he disguises himself as the angel of light. I’m afraid that false light is here, inside these walls… you made a mistake letting in the others. Rick, his group… they’re not good people… they’ve done unspeakable things. They can’t be trusted,” he tells Deanna — leaving out, of course, how he left his own parishioners to be eaten alive outside his old church.

“They’re dangerous… the day will come when they’ll put their own lives before yours, and everyone else’s, and they will destroy everything you have here, everything you’re working so hard to build.”

So to recap the recap: Gabriel has just delivered his “Rick and his group are devils” speech, Carol is telling Rick he’s going to have to kill Pete, and now Glenn — who had a beef with Aiden earlier — is going to have to return to Alexandria and tell Deanna her son was a walker snack.

Guessing there will be no more cocktail parties this season…

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Zombie Bites:

* Abraham scored a new job: He’s now head of construction, after former boss Tobin panicked during a walker attack and abandoned female co-worker Francine. Abe saved her and fought off a whole group of walkers by himself, prompting Tobin to recommend to Deanna that Abe replace him.

* As per Abraham’s construction worker pal’s bathroom break announcement, “I’ve gotta send a fax to Cleveland” is the new “I’ve gotta drop the kids off at the pool.”

* Abraham’s new favorite curse word: “Motherdick!”

* Sam seemed like a pest, but do you think it wasn’t really cookies that led him to Carol’s house? Despite getting the brush-off from her at first (and the big threat from her in “Forget”), maybe the little guy sensed she was someone who would help protect him if she thought he was really in danger?

* Daryl is off on his new motorcycle on a recruiting mission with Aaron. Previews of next week’s episode, as well as producers’ hints about the last two episodes, suggest that mission is not going to go at all smoothly for the beloved Mr. Dixon.

OK, Dead-heads: Any predictions on how these scenarios are going to collide in the final two episodes? Will Aiden’s death, on the heels of Gabriel’s warning, change Deanna’s mind about Rick and the gang? Will Glenn be able to deal with losing Noah? And even if Carol is right about Pete, how will the other Alexandrians react if Rick really does try to kill Jessie’s husband?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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