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What Is My Body Type?

There are those people who are naturally defined and others who are just big people.

It all comes down to your body type. 

The first step when beginning to workout is to find out what your working with, your body type. Once you know what you are, it easy to figure out what you need to do to get your body where you want.

Ectomorph – Your typical swimmers build. Long lean muscle, with very little fat cells. Typically your skinnier people. Concentrate on building mass, this means doing less reps with heavier weight. For example five sets of five, 5×5. Make sure your muscles fully recover between workouts, they may need up to a week. You have to eat big to get big. Make sure you take in more food then burned off. Increase carb and protein intake. The overall idea is to gain mass through your meals. This doesn’t mean buying junk food or ordering the most fattening thing on the menu. It means to generally be cautious about what you eat and eat more of it. An ectomorph can concentrate on what may be considered bulky muscle, because they will naturally keep their tone and muscle definition. As an ectomorph results from weight training will not be seen immediately, because it takes longer for them to build muscle. I may seem like only the tone of the muscle is being increased, but over time muscle size and bulk will increase.

Mesomorph – Strength is Natural. Big chest, and heavy muscle structure. It is easy to gain muscle but hard to achieve tone. Focus on muscles individually, always work on the isolation of muscles. Train as hard as you can, your muscles can handle the load. Make sure your protein and carbs are balanced. Here you have to be careful about what you eat, it easy to both gain and lose weight. A mesomorph is the mist fortunate when it come to body types, and gaining muscle. The ability for them to build muscle fast, and have little concern for tone makes them the ideal athlete for bodybuilding. A mesomorph can workout more frequently because the muscles have a faster repair time, this is one of the reasons its easier for them to build muscle. A mesomorph in a balanced anabolic state can gain up to an inch in biceps every month. A mesomorph will at some point have to concentrate on tone and separation of the muscles, in order that there is not to much bulk muscle formed.

Endomorph – Wide bone structure (big boned), with softer muscle, stout neck with a lot of fat cells. Do more repetitions 10-12 when it comes to your workout to burn off fat and so you keep the fat off. Give yourself less time to rest between sets, and try running 20 minutes every other day. Eat clean, stick to your fruits and vegetables. Cut out the carbs and fat. Make sure to keep a balanced protein intake. This may be the hardest body type to have, considering I takes intense discipline to eat right and incorporate cardio into every other workout. It will be hard for the first month but after that it becomes habit. The best advice is to remain strict in your diet, and to push your self in every workout so you burn off those extra calories. I the workout is done at a fast enough pace give yourself a break and take off cardio.

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