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Celebrities Who Look Insanely Hot In Yoga Pants (Video)

Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Insanely Hot In Yoga Pants

By NoelGRSr

10. Vanessa Hudgens
Most of us remember Vanessa Hudgens from her days in Disney's "High School Musical" franchise where she co-starred with Zac Efron and numerous other Disney stars. Add in a few nude photo scandals, a music career, and a television career, and you can basically sum up Vanessa's life in the entertainment business so far. Even though she's not as busy as her former co-star and ex, Vanessa is making it work. With such a demanding schedule, it's no surprise that Vanessa probably has a rigorous workout regime with a strict diet. The fruits of her labor are certainly clear as she looks absolutely fantastic in yoga pants that makes even the A list Hollywood celeb green with envy. It's okay to look folks, she's been an adult for a while now.
9. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian has become a household name in the last few years. From being a reality star, to marrying Kanye West, to naming her baby to make her sound like she's a compass, to posing nude for photos as a way to "break" the Internet, Kim has definitely made her mark in pop culture and the media history books. Not to mention that she is very famous for her large derriere, all while definitely not being considered fat. Kim is one of the top celebrities who looks great in yoga pants and makes any female with a large derriere feel as though they can pull off the same look. Whether you agree of not, Kim has become a symbol of empowerment and the result of having a high level of self-confidence.
8. Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy has hit a resurrection in her career and making us all pay attention to her again. Whether she is ringing in the new year on television or hitting the grocery store, the media pays attention to her. She recently got married to Donnie Wahlburg and had a reality show documenting her experience. Jenny is also best known for being a personable television host, a comedian, actress, and overall, a well known personality. Jenny is also so beautiful that no matter what she wears, she manages to make anything more classy, including yoga pants. All she would have to do is put on a pair of gemstone earrings and she could probably pull off yoga pants on the red carpet. There's no denying that Jenny is definitely one of the celebs who look the best in yoga pants.
7. Katy Perry
Katy Perry has made a name for herself as being one of the edgier pop stars who doesn't take much flack from anyone. She has proven herself to be a hard worker and is consistent when putting out hit songs and recording successful albums. From all of the dancing she does on tour and in her music videos, she has developed the body to be envied by many around the world. And when she wears yoga pants, you can definitely see every toned curve of her body. While the rest of us have our jaws hanging open, Katy is struttin' her stuff getting her errands done and sipping on her tea and smoothie. She definitely proves that you can look good in whatever you wear from fabulous dresses, a cupcake, to lounge clothes.
6. Mila Kunis
We all know and love Mila Kunis from her time as Jackie on the hit series, "That 70's Show" and the successful film career she has had after the show ended. Secretly, fans of "That 70's Show" hoped and prayed that she would get together with her co-star. Ashton Kutcher, who also played her character's love interest, Kelso. Even though she just had a baby, Mila definitely looks great, especially in yoga pants. It wouldn't surprise us one bit if she was sporting yoga pants throughout most of her pregnancy since they are stretchy and so comfy for any mom-to-be. Mila's career has sent her body through different stages of fit, which has definitely reaped rewards when it comes to pulling off yoga pants and looking great.
5. Miley Cyrus
If there is anyone who has had an interesting life in the entertainment business, it would be Miley Cyrus. She was first exposed to Hollywood through her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, when he was a country music star. Then Miley was the star of the Disney show, "Hannah Montana." Once the show ended, Miley sought out to shed her good girl image and do her own thing. When she's not sticking her tongue out and twerking, Miley is just an average girl who runs errands, works out, and shops just like the rest of us. And just like us, she seeks to be comfortable, and wears yoga pants. While she may be a bit odd to some, no one can deny how good she looks in yoga pants. It seems that all that twerking paid off.
4. Jen Selter
The term 'Instagram celebrity' was practically penned for Jen Selter. Indeed, her celebrity status is almost entirely down to how incredible she looks in yoga pants. Jen is a fitness model whose impressive butt has girls the world over green with envy, and drives guys crazy with lust. She has even been credited with being a driving force behind (pun intended!) the recent craze for yoga pants, squatting and big butts in general. One glimpse at this modern day celebrity in yoga pants explains all you need to know about the joy of this particular piece of clothing: On Jen, yoga pants looks incredible, show off her most beautiful ass(et) and look cute and sporty all at the same time.
3. Iggy Azalea
It seems that the mainstream media has a fascination with Iggy Azalea's derriere and it has become a center of controversy. There are groups of people who think that Iggy should try to shrink her booty, while others want her to embrace her size and flaunt away. Even Iggy herself has stated that while the Internet seems to love her butt in yoga pants, when people see it in person, they change their mind. Rehearsal photos from her tour and recording sessions that have surfaced show that the pop star isn't shy about wearing yoga pants, which really show off her butt in ways that women at home can only envy. If anything, Iggy is an inspiration to any woman who doesn't fit the super skinny standards of our society.
2, Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande has come a long way since her time on the Nickelodeon shows, "Victorious" and "Sam & Cat". While it may be weird at first to think about a child star looking good in yoga pants, Ariana has certainly grown up and shed her persona of Cat that kids and teens have all known and loved. In fact, she is strutting on stage singing her heart out as one of the biggest pop stars in the industry. If there is anyone who has done a good job in getting rid of an old identity, it would be Ariana. She is 21, and it's totally okay to look at her in yoga pants. That hard work she's put in dancing and training has definitely paid off.
1. Jennifer Lawrence
Not only is Jennifer Lawrence an Oscar award winning actress, and Hollywood's hottest starlet, but she also looks amazing in yoga pants. This is even more extraordinary because Jennifer is vocal about the fact that she doesn't kill themselves at the gym every day or goes on any extreme diets. But instead, she enjoys life and pursues her career on her own standards and her comfort level. Jennifer has been an inspiration to numerous young women in terms of embracing self-love and enjoying the skin their in because they are beautiful regardless of the shape or size of their body. With how active her lifestyle is, doing stunts, and always working, she likely gets that fantastic shape fit for any pair of yoga pants from staying active on set.

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