Listen up guys ... this could be a game changer.

#1 They Know Their Own Bodies

#2 They Don't Have To Shower

She doesn't have to worry about smelling good for herself.

#3 Doesn't Matter How They Look

She can look just as she wants and still feel amazing.

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#4 They 0rgasm Every Time

They don't have to instruct you and then almost get there and lose it. On their own, they 0rgasm much more.

#5 They Don't Have To Fake It

There's no faking it when mastur'bating. Wouldn't that be funny?

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#6 They Don't Have To Please You

They can be selfish. Mastur'bating is all about them and not having to think of anyone else.

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#7 It Puts Them To Sleep

Some women use it as a sleep aid, as it relaxes them right into a nice sleep.

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#8 It's Just Easy

It's just easy to do any time they want with no wondering if someone else is in the mood.

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You have reached the end of 8 Reasons Women Prefer Mastu'rbation
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